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One day while I was at one of your Wendy's stores in Clovis NM, attempting to buy my lunch with my cards. I encountered an employee that didn't know what she was doing and in due process ended up with 3 credit cards of approximate value $25 each.

They attempted to use these cards and even the management were untrained in the use of them and now these cards are useless. My credit cards no longer show any value when trying to use at your stores in Clovis NM or Lubbock TX.

How do I replace the value on the cards that were never used at any time.... contact Bob Vinson

@ vinson_505@yahoo.com or call 575-7991033

Thank you Bob Vinson

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WAs these credit cards or giift cards? when using a wendy's gift card when it is passed thru the slicer a receipt is printed out with the balance lift on the card.

If it was cridet cards then it should show on your statement.

Take the statement into the GM of the store. He will need a copy to turn of to risk management who will get with you on the matter.

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