The "Everyday Value Menu" consists of just 8 small items. The Doublestack Burger has even been replaced by the significantly smaller Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe. Yet time and again, I have left Wendy's empty-handed in utter disgust because several of the items on that list were significantly more expensive than the advertised price of 99 cents.

Their tagline states, "Real Choices, Real Value, Everyday". The statement "Prices & participation may vary" is noted in MINISCULE print at the bottom of the menu. While this fulfills their obligation to admit that they reserve the right to worm their way out of offering these items at the advertised price, it still feels like cheating.

Do they really expect customers to call around to every local Wendy's until they find one that will honor advertised prices? That would first assume that all such phone calls will be answered during peak hours of operation. That is very hard to believe, because it would take up a great amount of their staff's time and slow down counter service. Asking in person at the restaurant for the prices of each specific item would lengthen the amount of time spent waiting in line for one's turn to "check market prices" as it were. Neither option is very appealing. Better to do business elsewhere.

My family used to LOVE Wendy's for its unique menu. Now we don't even bother to include them in our fast food options. I believe Dave would be disappointed by how far they have strayed from the family-friendly values he cherished.

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Thank you for this. Made my day

Bolivar, Pennsylvania, United States #319661

Wendy's... The food has gone completely downhill ever since Dave Thomas died.

The fries are served cold and always undercooked or overcooked in a new oil that tastes more like oil and less like potatoes. The burger is loose and tastes frozen. Cause it is. The buns, in addition to having some new gritty stuff stuck to them, are hard and thick and all you can taste.

On top of this, their prices keep going up.

I used to go about twice a week, but now I don't go at all. They've gone from the best fast food out there to one of the worst.

steven sense

Wait, you had to go to Wendy's several times to confirm the prices had went up? And just in case you haven't been to the grocery store or watched the news recently--prices are going up on everything.

When prices of beef, dairy, etc. go up, so does the cost you are charged at restaurants.

Also, yeah their fries are terrible. I just drive-thru and get a burger or spicy chicken and get a drink at a convenience store.


Am I the only one out there that hates Wendy's new fries. They taste like the potatoes were not washed well.

yuk! Dirty potatoes.


Exactly.The Doublestack,5 Piece Chicken Nuggets,etc all went from 99 cents to 1.29.

REALLY? a THIRTY PERCENT increase?come on,just ridiculous.Like they can't afford to sell that 2nd little beef patty or the 5 piece nuggets for a buck anymore.


Wow dude prices are on the menu.

Complaining that your cheeseburger is more than $0.99 is pretty ridiculous.

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