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I rarely ever eat fast-food, but I had a coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free Wendy's Single with cheese. So, I figured I'd eat at Wendy's one evening.

I was surprised to see that a Wendy's Single with cheese now costs $3.99. I elected to go with the combo that cost me $5.99, With the coupon, I got a second, free, Single Cheese every. With the coupon, I felt that i had gotten what I paid for. If I had to pay full price for the second burger, it would have been a jip.

The Wendy's Single is not much larger than the burgers on their Value menu. The Single should really cost around $1.99, not $3.99. $1.99 is all that it is worth. And, it is not just the Single.

All of Wendy's regular-sized sandwiches are overpriced, double what they should cost.

If the liberals in government manage to get their way, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, it will spell the end of the fast food chains, as we know it. No one is going to pay $8 for a Wendy's Single, or a Big Mac.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Combo Meal.

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It's not the liberals. Wendy's used to be cheap.

Now they are trying to stay afloat with all the better quality good chains popping up. 5 guys, chipolte, etc...

They have made McDonalds, Dominos, etc change up their tactics.

Wendy's was only famous for their shakes, fries and chilli (which was famously reported as leftovers recycled). They are not doing this due to wages but because they are trying to make it as business.


I sure hope us liberals get our way so maybe people can make a decent wage. Believe me, Wendy's can afford it.


People won't buy food there because the prices will rise. you can't pay people more arbitrarily, or you end up with inefficiency.

to get paid more, you need to produce more, or at higher quality, or both. Free Enterprise (the system of economic liberty...) dictates that owners set wages, not governments.