I am so sick and tired of ordering from them only to find a lot of things missing in the bag. The worst store is the one on Lake City in Seattle WA!!

The clerks are super rude and they don't listen very well. I'm trying to order on the value meal and they give me the more expensive meals. When I explain to them they gave the wrong order they made me feel like i was wrong and told me to wait for the receipt but it was still wrong! They *** your order and then forget to put the food you did order!

I've never experienced this with McDonald or Jack in the box!

I'm never ever going to Wendy's again! THEY SUCK!

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First of all it is value menu, not meal that is why you got the combo


The incompetence is with the owners of wendy's corporate it's all about the money with them. When the founder of wendy's Dave Thomas was alive that never happened the bugers came off the grill hot and fresh.

The employees who are serving you are mostly kids and they just don't care, the managers who are supposed to make sure you get your order correct are dropping the ball along with corporate managers. Don't except nothing less than what you ordered and make sure your burger and fries are hot before you leave the drive thru.

p.s. and don't forget the ketchup.

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