Marietta, Georgia
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Went to Wendy's on Vaughn Road in Kennesaw, Ga on 1/02/11 at 7:16 pm to be exact. We ordered 5 Jr Chz Deluxe and 2 lg fries.

The bottom of the ticket states, "Always Fresh Never Frozen". How about, "COLD but not frozen". We had to reheat everything (except the frigged, but not quite frozen lettuce and tomatoes), and the fries were disgusting to the point of not recognizable.

I'm sure your food is great most of the time, but I've been cooking all week for others and was looking forward to fast food from another kitchen. What a disappointment!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Burger.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Have had the same experience 2x now. I seldom go to Wendy's but this really disappoints on the only 2 occasions that I've ordered.

Mind you , I only drive 5 mins from the place.

E. Rutherford, NJ branch.


Let me guess, you got the food at a drive through and drove 20 or more miuntes home. Of course it will be cold nutzack, Grow up and get a life.


really who cares and really who complains on fast food i work at a wendys and i guarantee that nobody cares about ur complaint whatsoever we wish you would just *** and deal with it we have to put up with *** ppl all day long yall make our job ***


Well if you don't care maybe everyone should stop going to Wendy's and you won't have a job.

Maybe you might care then . The customers pay your salary maybe you don't understand that and when they pay $ 9.00 for a combo they deserve hot food.


Well, if you made the food the right way maybe those *** customers you speak-of wouldn't have anything to be an *** about...? ..Ever thought of that?

If you would give them the food they wanted, correctly & warm, that wouldn't have a reason to be a *** to you now would they?

...Unless you are rude to them to begin with, which by reading your comment, I can see you as one of those types. It's 2016 now & I hope have found a different job...

Atleast you were working though. I will give you that.


Maybe u shouldn't eat at Wendy's. That food will make u a fat tub o lard if u aren't one already