The buns you've switched to, at least in the Chicago area, are not very good. I've actually stopped going to wendys because of this.

This program is only allowing me to submit my complaint if it is over 100 words, so I will add this -

Why is it that if I order a double with ketchup only, I get a double with ketchup AND cheese? The guy behind the counter says they all come with cheese. Well, they all come with onion and tomato too, but I don't have to specifically say not to put them on. Ketchup only means ketchup only!

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Is it hard to say no cheese? The burger is called Single Cheese because cheese is the main condiment that stays with plain and ketchup.

Some people order no bun burgers and some order veggie burgers. They no specifically what to say to get it right. So why can't you? Also they don't all come with onions and tomatoes.

Learn to be specific and learn the customs of the place you are eating.

My training along with anyone else that works at Wendy's involves making a number one burger automatically have cheese unless requested no cheese. Personally I do try to ask if the person wants no cheese if they ask for only "thun, thun, thun..." but it isn't my job to ask especially if it disrupts service time with the fact that I also have to suggestive sale.


Just say "no cheese" and get over it. The cheese is not like a condiment to them; it's the same as if you didn't want a bun, you'd have to SPECIFY that you don't want it.

How hard is that to do?

Two extra words in your order? Oh wow, it's so hard.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #241961

WAA WAA WAA!! Cook at home crybaby. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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