Cleveland, Ohio

I went through the drive thru at Wendy's today for dinner with my wife and 3 year old son. My wife orderd a # 1 combo , I ordered a #2 combo, my son got chicken tenders and fries.

We took the food home and began to eat. My double cheeseburger tasted very salty. I took a second *** and the salt taste was much worse. I took the double cheesburger apart, and between the two patties there was salt as thick as the cheese. I was pissed to say the least. My wifes burger was the same exact way. I called the store and asked for the manager. The person on the other end the phone said he was the manager. I told him what was going on and the first thing he did was "laugh"....then he said just scrape off the salt and eat them. I was ready to blow a gasket!! I asked his name and he hung up on me. Call # 2 I called back a lady answered the phone, i asked for the manager. She said she was the manager, I told her the guy I talked to a minute ago said he was the manager.... Who is the manager?? She hung up on me. Call # 3 I called back. The guy who answered the phone the first time answered and said" stop harrassing us or we will call the police". and guess what .. he hung up!!! now i'm boiling. I called Wendy's corporate office, but it was after hours. I left a message, I will see if I get a call back tomorrow. I then contacted Action 19 news Carl Monday with the details.

I understand it was just "salt" that a incompetent Wendy's employee put on the sandwhiches, but what if they had put something much worse on the sandwhiches? The manager only laughed .. so how much discipline was given to the employee? None!

Don't eat the food at Wendys in Canton South

4040 Greentree Ave Sw, Canton, OH


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Cook your own *** burger, and stop giving trashy restaurants your hard earned money ,and expecting a 5 course meal!


Perhaps they do need training to help customers. You need training on how to be a better role model for your children. Both of you.


I have also had problems with Wendy's. Get on their website and send them an email. Make sure you leave your phone number and someone should call you from their district headquarters.Wendy's employees need some kind of training to make them respect their customers