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A few weeks ago my friend, child and I went thru the drive-thru at the local Wendy's.My burger was had wilty lettuce on it and was so gross,like it was sitting under a heat lamp for a day.

My child's was so gross,she threw hers away,and the fries were hard and cold. I emailed Wendy's and they sent me some free coupons.I took my elderly mother their yesterday to use them and the manager made faces at us because of the coupons. We took the food home and found out they screwed up our sandwiches and didn't give us what we ordered.When I called the manager, he was very,very rude and said "what do you want,more coupons?"When I told him I just wanted a replacement chicken sandwich,he then insisted that I got what I ordered and refused to replace the sandwich. He also had the nerve to say I complain all the time.I have only complained maybe once before,but that is because they screwed up my order.

Nevertheless, I am banning Wendy's and telling my friends and family to do the same!! This manager was so rude it was unbelievable!!

He acted like he was personally paying for my free coupons!!!


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I got two coupons for free combo meals.The people at the one nearest me had never seen one like mine and advised me to go to a corporate store as they were a franchise.

The coupons do not have a look up code or and type of designation as to how they should be redeemed.

I have yet to find a corporate store.I have emailed Wendys and am awaiting a response :sigh

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:) dork!!!!!


We experienced this from both perspectives...the dumb *** at my local Wendy's have their heads so far up their *** I can't tell where they begin or end...when I was working there we would get illegitimate complaints from people about their food because they wanted free ***....however...I also have witnessed people selling expired food to manager tried to "get even" with a customer because he pissed all over the urinal stall in the men's room and then had the balls to *** about the she got "even" by selling the *** rotten chili meat (which are patties that have gone cold and are chopped up and put in the chili) and cold fries...she also bitched at me because a sandwich maker tried to take over the grill and that made me upset. She cross contaminated and then when she laid the meat down, it was so far off I had tried to move it so ALL OF IT would cook and be SAFE to eat...but I got the lecture for it.

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i should also add that when you get into a situation like being in the drive through and having items missing...ALWAYS re-check your food before you leave to make sure they didn't *** twice...that way if you had a sandwich'd still be at the restaurant and from there you can sit there and blow your horn at them to tell them to give you your *** sandwich (the words I would use in this case) or a refund.If you can't wait there, drive around and park, walk inside and open up the bag.

And tell them the following if they give you any ***...and just be cool about it...just lean in real close and tell them "either one of two things is going to happen here...either I walk out of here with my sandwich, or I take my money back and your face off and leave with both." Be sure to get manager and employee information as well.

There is no reason they should have pretended to give you a sandwich and not do it...oh, and btw, my mom never lets them take her bag...she MAKES them hand her the sandwich.Just something to think about in the future.

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Frozen hamburger can't rot ***!

to Polarbear54 #848062

Frozen hamburgers can't rot toidi


Um, actually he was personally paying for your free coupons. Each manager gets a free combo meal each day, and by giving you two or three (it varies) he doesn't get anything to eat for two or three days without paying for it.

to Kelley #848065

Actually that post is *** I work there that is an absolute lie



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