I got a cheese burger there all i could taste was butter they put way to much i could not even taste the burger and i had to wait 20 mins to get it. i am so pissed never eating there again.

the *** Wendy's contemplate center WONT let me *** plane so i am really pissed at Wendy's whats the point of having it if it dose not work.i now hate Wendy's never ever going there again.

i am telling every one i know not to eat there ever again. i can't sanded wendys now

Review about: Wendys Burger.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #1325415

Had a uncooked chicken sandwich from Wendy's. I knew someone was wrong with it from the first *** I took.

I split it open, it was raw! I called the location where it was purchased and all the said was they couldn't give me a credit all they could do was to send me coupons, which is not good enough!

They didn't even cook the chicken, I could have gotten sick with salmonella! It was so disgusting and I'm pissed they could even pass that off as oops, we made a mistake!


Lord, where did you learn your English grammar? It is sheer torture trying to read your missive.

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