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I received my order that included a Large Cup of Chili and a Large Chocolate Frosty. It was obvious that my Large Chili was an inch from the top and my My Large Frosty about 2 inches from the top (with the bubble lid it looked about 3/4 full); in short, I felt I was being shorted because I had never been short-filled like that at any Wendy's before. Now I will mention that I have stopped at this Vacaville, Ca Wendy's twice now, since I have had to make two recent trips to the San Francisco area. Now, I made a second stop at this Wendy's outlet because I plain like eating Wendy's food.

My problem was with the manager/checker merely waving me off, saying that my orders were properly filled. I immediately answered back, "No. This is the first time I have ever had this happen. And, if you look at the pictures on the wall and the order menu, my order doesn't match." The manager just ignored me and went on to the next customer.

I noticed that other's had ordered Frosties and their's were full. In any case, I knew I was being blown off. I just nodded my head, thinking to myself, "All right. You're basically telling me, 'Yea, we're screwing you.' " A burning anger in the pit of my stomach flared up to the point where I almost took those two items-- that he just made me pay "Large" prices for when they were actually just "Medium" in the end-- and just spill them on the counter and leave. Instead I went to my table and seethed at the sight of those short-filled items.

My question is: Why did not this Manager-- a short little Mexican man-- not say, "Oh, sure, we'll take care of it." I am pissed that I let him get away with it. I'm not one to shy away from complaining in public. I should have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Customer Care.

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Also use 2 cashiers when the line is clear out into the eating area, Duuuuhhh. Wendy's is famous for always using one cashier.


I agree with the first post. Just happened to me.

Wendy's may want to rethink their fill line and just make the cup smaller. Nobody likes something they just paid for to not appear full.

Noticed they never fill their beverages too. Sure they are pinching pennies.


come on man, a short mexican man. now u just being ***.

if u look inside a chili cup, there a little line(looks like a triangle) about an inch from the top. thats the line its filled to. customers like u suck because u compain about a spoon full.

go to the store buy the stuff to make your own chilli. then u can fill your cup as high as u wanted it.


I agree with you about the Mexican comment being said in a deogatory way. That makes the post seem less credible.

however I do agree that Wendys shorts people and if they want to give less chili then they need to make their cup smaller. I've experienced it virtually every time at a Wendy's here in Daytona. I always ask to have it filled up to the top when I get it. however this time they told me they would do it for me this time only because there is a line in the cop that they're not supposed to go over.

It does make you feel like you're paying for more than you're getting. if it continues I mean just stopped working on these all together as well.


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