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Wendys - Customer Care Review from Bellevue, Washington

Went to Wendys this evening for the first time on my USA travelling vacation, arrived two minutes after they'd closed the doors for customers to access the building (with existing customers still inside eating as can be expected), with signage on the door stating that food could be ordered and collected as take away from the serving window...I waited and asked the member of staff at that window whether I ordered food directly it's him or whether I was meant to stand in a *** of cars at the drive thru, and yes, I had walked to the place so obviously didn't have a vehicle, for the guy with no customer skills or diplomacy to tell me I wouldn't be served at all without a car, helpful, not what the sign said and I also didn't realise that contemporary eating etiquette now demands four wheels to eat rather than the old fashioned way such as a table and chair or a knife and fork...needless to say I walked away hungry and went to a much more friendly McDonalds, where I'm writing this whilst eating a hot meal and didn't need a driving licence! As for the complaints process for Wendys that I've investigated prior to writing this, what's with no email facility? Are they that forward thinking you can't eat without a car, yet that backward thinking you need a ring dial phone to communicate?! I can't call them as being from the UK which I'm not surprised from this experience doesn't have Wendys, I only use wifi and not cellular as it costs me too much, but wow, McDonalds are even providing my free wifi too! Seems your competition beat you in all levels doesn't it? Would love to hear back from Wendys about all this, as I'm shocked that my complaint is not due to lack of quality of food, just complete lack of food due to refusal of service!
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Wendys Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Short Review on May 20, 2016

twice I have been foolish enough to eat at one of these troughs. poisoned once. then, so hungry and no where else to go. open late... Nasty as a peep show squegee. not satisfied, just full and nasty. never again. Thank you.
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Reason of review
Bad quality
My name is Wallace Lee and im an ex employee at Wendys the store that was located on main st in Gainesville,Florida..My complaint does not include all mangers that was and maybe still employed by Wendys.However I have had difficulties receiving payment for work that I...
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Send them a certified letter. Pay for slip they sign to be returned to you so you know they got it.

Make a copy..give them copy/you keep original. Also send copies of proof that you worked. Verbal means nothing legally. It MUST be in writing.

Trll them you are looking to resolve this issue promptly and you are trying to avoid legal action. Im ceryain you will recieve a check in the mail a few weeks later.

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Reason of review
Problems with payment

Wendys - Annoying Commercials Review

I would like to thank you guys for over 30 yrs of great burgers...Unfortunately, the group of co workers and I who patronize your establishment, will no longer do so. The sad attempts on the new commercials leave a very appealing effect, the new red head actress used in your commercials is annoying and unappealing to a aggravating point. The lame attempts at using Mr. Big's song has truly killed the Wendy's lure... You guys are killing a good thing, about 11 of of us is not even a drop in the bucket but it still counts
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So, you're done with Wendy's just because you can't stand the red headed girl in the commercials? GET A LIFE!


I think the redhead is super cute and like watching her.


The person who wrote this complaint is full of doggie doo. There is no way 11 people are boycotting together, because they are all in agreement that they do not like the current spokesperson or a song.

That 'annoying redheaded actress' has been Wendy's biggest success yet, she ain't going nowhere sweetie!

Personally, I think you are probably a friendless, overweight twit who is jealous. Your business will be missed. NOT!

You are right: you don't count! :-)


So you are not going to go to Wendy's anymore not because of bad service but because of a commercial? Wow!

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Wendys - Security Behavior Review from Bellevue, Washington

I went to Wendy's recently and stood waiting for the restroom. I look over and the security guard is just looking at me kinda mad dogging,however he turned back around so I'm thinking.."oh ok just trippin out he's not lookin at me" so finally the guy in there comes out abd held the door open4me while i went in to use it. Im in there long enough to get to the toilet and...well..use the restroom.out of nowhere the door springs comes the overly keen eyed security guard.i swing around and say the Obvious. Dude WTF Are u doin in here!?he the replies.."i watched you and you haven't bought anything..and this r.r. is for customers only..but i guess you can go Ahead and use it..just hurry..i did u watched me knowing I'm not a customer and let me come in here..just so u can bust in with the key mind you since it didn't lock from the inside..he said well i catch a lot of people in here doin what they shouldn't so i had to make!? Dude get out of here! Long story short we almost fight bcuz i call him a f, molester *** lol and ppl were laughing stop he's embarrassed.pick up a chair and acts like he's goin2 throw it at me!! I say Dude i wish u freakin would.he s screaming at me tip leave.finally the manager comes behind me sayin what's goin ob..i till hey he walked in on me on purpose then has the audacity to be mad at me for being mad?and wants to fight me Wtf!?she says oh..u guys cool out abd let it go. .are u kidding me.u have nothin to say to him?she said to sit down after i said that. .i finally just leave like u guys are the most retarded bunch ogf rejects ever..funny thing is i only was gonna use the bath room bcuz i was gonna use it then wash my hands for once i order and sit down yup eat. Can u believe that ***? And i swear to God this is a true story!!! Never goin back in my life!!!
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Wendys is cheating customers into buying more than they want

This is certainly NOT a single instance of a clerk misspeaking. The first time I ordered a #8, with a drink, which is more than I can eat and they asked me in Oak Harbor, WA if I wanted medium or large? I thought maybe they did away with the small. The question used to be whether you wanted to upsize your meal or not. So I take the obvious choice and get to the window for a huge size and cost upgrade. I told them I was pissed right there. I thought it was some over zealous local manager trying to find a sneaky way to increase their sales without actually having to sell anything. When I complained, they actually said, Oh, sorry about that. I think she mis spoke.... Then I got the same thing in Burlington, WA and up in Bellingham, WA. It is something being mandated down to the stores to do and on a national level, this has to relate to millions of extra revenue that some corporate hot shot came up with. Where is the morality? How could this sleezy, criminal behavior make it into a corporate policy? I plan to complain loudly until someone changes this.
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I have the same complaint with the Silverdale, WA location. They also try to hit you for a cheese upgrade. :roll


I used to work at wendys when i was 16, and they used to make me say "would you like that med. or large" and if you aren't smart enough to say regular..

then thats not my problem. im sure you made those people feel like **** that day. People that are just doing their job, and trying to make money any way they can. Grow up!

and stop and think. you know how many people there are in the world... and how many people freak out just because they pay 49 cents extra, HARDLY ANY OF THEM!

i cant beleive you are freaking out over 49 cents! >.


Wow, you are calling someone a ***, *** and you can't even spell it correctly, which makes me wonder who is the real ***? Do use a favour, stay at home as much as you can so the rest of the world does not have to deal with you.


Grammar abilities have nothing to do with yours and you being stupiod idiott


I think the person that made the post with the username (probably the *** that wrote this letter) is the *** one, and not Christina. Hon, what she is saying here is that you are acting far younger than 14.

She is saying that you are under the age of 14. If you knew how to read than and comprehend what you read you would realise this.

Perhaps that was the same problem at Wendy's. You coud not comprehend what you read about the value meals and thought they were displaying criminal behaviour.


I agree with the other posters here. Why are the parents of the letter writer letting her reply rudely to everyone that posts.

Why are they letting her call other people names. Her parents need to slap her across the mouth, contact pissedconsumer, have them delete this letter and ground her from being online until she can behave herself while online.


Why did your parents not say anything on your behalf if you were being cheated. Did they not care that "little junior" was being tricked into buying something more expensive. Also you have no right to critcize someone elses grammar when your grammar is no better.


Your grammar is not great, you don't even end a sentence with a period.


You are being very ***, why are you so *** to call me 14, are you 12. Any mature person's grammar would be better then stupids here


You know you should not be posting on this forum unless you are at least 14 years old. Also you should at least act that age.


Jason, Stacy and Christina,. YOU ALL SUCK.

Go and eat there then but you what me a think. You sa suck sa


Well perhaps they should be offering you the children's meal since you are acting like such a kid about this whole situation.


You say that we are missing the ponit of the letter, well how are we supposed to get the point of the letter when it is poorly written. Your sentences are not always in correct order, you don't insurt commas where they should be, you don't comma's where you should use quotes, which by the way looks "like this." You spell "misspeak" two different ways.

I would suggest like others that you stay at home, also perhaps taking a few night courses in English will help you write a better letter. That way you can at least write a letter at a fifth grade level instead of a third/fourth grade level as this one is written.

Also you have no right to take your learning disability out on other users of the site. If you are insecure about it don't write a letter.


You know what, like the other posters have said, perhaps you should stay at home.


i'm pretty sure the cashier making minimum wage couldn't care less, frankly.


You miss the point completely.

Go to wendys and order a meal.

They ask what you would like to drink and then they say, would you like that as a medium or as a large. They are very specifically making it sound like there are only two choices. I ordered a *** #8. It has a price and it comes with apparently small everything.

That is fine, then when they ask me "would you like that AS a medium or AS a large, they make it sound like you are ordering a medium already and want to know if you want to upgrade to a large. So, you if you have 2 choices, you choose the smaller one, being "medium". BTW, to the smart *** who wants to belittle people by saying things like how *** I am that I think they did away with small? They actually DID do away with the real small.

There is NO small coke like you get with a kids meal. They changed the wording completely as part of this marketing strategy. What has always been a medium drink, aka what comes with your value meal, is now a small drink and they have added a new (really big) medium and a crazy big large for their 400 lbs customers.

Maybe you are missing something in the translation. Go to Wendys today and try to just order a regular meal and watch the hoops you have to jump through to avoid an upgrade being tacked on.


I agree with the other poster, you are only buying more than what you want by not speaking up and telling them you want the lesser value meal. They are not cheating you.

It is up you to tell them what you want and what you don't want. If you think that things are changing ask questions, like do you still have the small combo?


The *** who wrote this letter is actually old enough to drive. She actually ordered the upgrade because she thought they did away with the small and she is angry because she thought she had to upgrade.

This is exactely why some people should stay at home and cook for themselves.

What is the difference whether they ask you for a medium or large or whether you want to upgrade. It is basically the same thing. Cook at home until you can be normal, till you actually have something worthwhile to complain about.

Now that you know that they are trying to upgrade stop with your childish behavior. If people choose to say they want a medium or large that is their choice. They are old enough to make decisions. Also like someone said, this is not criminal behavior this is called marketing.

Take a class on marketing and you will know.

Life is like that either deal with it or stay at home and cook your own meals. Now if you asked for a small and they kept pressuring you to upgrade saying it is a better deal after you repeately told them no I would see why you were angry, but this is nothing worth getting worked up over.


No one is cheating you, you have a mouth and tongue don't you, you can always say no I would like to stick with a small thank you very much.


What is wrong with saying, no I don't want a medium or large, I just want the size that they is advertized. Honestly you little kids throw tantrums over nothing.

You can complain as much as you want but you won't get anywhere. Hate to break it to you kiddo, but this is not criminal behavior.

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