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Wendy's Restaurant #00009993

440 SW Palm Coast Parkway

(386) 446-2849 I never complain, but after yesterday I just could not hold back! We went inside and I ordered 2 grill chicken sandwiches and 2 watermelon/strawberry drinks. The counter person was no problem. It seemed like he was trying to get the orders out. In fact, after he made our drinks and set them on a tray waiting for the sandwiches, they set so long that they got water downed ( the ice melted) after waiting 18 minutes for the sandwiches. It seemed like they were concentrating on the drive thru first and walk-ins second. I was so hungry I ate my sandwich right down with my waterdowned watermelon drink. My wife opened her sandwich up after we got out to the car and the bun was burnt! I told her I probably ate mine burnt without knowing it. See photo

Very disgusted with this store. Will not be going to this place anymore!

Robert Adams

2194 Iroquois Lane

Deltona, Fl. 32738


Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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