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I don't understand why Wendy's has to have so many ppl working in a small space? How many ppl does it take to do an order?

On average they have 5-9 employees on the morning shift and 7-12 on the evening shift and they still manage to messed up orders, not enough space to walk around,bumping into each other causing food to be on the floor, making wrong orders, contridicting the WeLearn materials and each managers instruction! Playing on their cell phones,standing around when there's no customers, also off duty assistant manager cooking their burgers without washing hands, assistant manager disrespecting store manager, district manager also seen flipping burgers without an apron? Employees not been told when they do things wrong even though manager has been made aware.

Not ordering sufficient stock, short handing themselves after 9 pm mainly on Friday and Saturday nights, and what about having more then 2 managers in one shift? In all you don't need 5-9 ppl to make a burger cook fries serve drinks,bag orders, you need efficiency which is what Wendy's lacks as someone in the know I see a lot of bodies but very little done

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I work at Wendy's.. There is more to do then just cook an order and bag it.

There needs to be a person working Drive through (and an extra person to help them bag.) Then there needs to be 1-2 people working the front counter (depending on how busy we are). There needs to be a person working grill and also a person working trash and other stuff like that. Right there that is six people. Running a fast food place can not be done with less then 5-6 people.

If we get mega busy there needs to be even more. And the place I work at during the evening (After dinner shift) there is only 3 crew members and the manager). If there are two managers on shift then it's because they are either getting ready to switch off or it's because one of them are being trained. Have you ever worked fast food?

Do you know what goes on behind the scenes? Maybe you came at a shift change and that is why more then 5 or 6 people were there.