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i have not patronized the wendy's restaurant in my small town for at least 2-3 years, due to the snotty and hateful attitudes of the employees and manager there. they acted like they were being put-upon by performing the jobs they are obviously paid to do.

not all racists are white, obviously. that's ok wendy's keep your *** burgers!! they're not that *** special anyway. this problem is obviously not confined to my small town, but seems to be entrenched inthe entire wendy's conglomerate.

i hope nobody buys your *** and you are forced to go out of business. you suck!!

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Camden Point, Missouri, United States #55045

Be glad they speak English..I went to McDonald no one spoke english so I had to point at the picture and this is Kansas...Well make things short they got the order wrong and I ask does anyone here speak english, please..A manager came out, who could speak some what speak english that you at least could understand if he repeat and yell at me and told me to leave..I never once raise my voice or talk bad to him or his employees..I am a 55 yr old widow and not a bad bone in my body...but when I said my order is wrong and some things do not have pictures for me to point at, the manager told me to leave..Never again will I walk into a McDonald and maybe it is for the best at least I might live longer from all that high fat they have in the food....


its been awhile since i went to wendys and i went there 2 weeks ago and when i was beening waited on the cashier was on her cell phone while trying to take my order and i told her when your done on the phone you can take my order and she look at me like i was crazy i told if you cant take orders and be on the phone at the same time then im going to get the manager,i finally got the manager and he told her to go home, im a very patient person and ive work in retail before but i believe as an employee its wrong,unprofessional and rude for a cashier to be talking on the phone while she/he is in front of a customer, i absoutely hate that wendys in randallstown,md the people are rude and their kids who have no respect!!!

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