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I am extremely disappointed in an experience I had today at the Wendy's today on 3 Clifton Country Rd., Clifton Park, NY. I love Wendy's and frequent there often and have never been embarrassed and angered like today in regards to customer service (with my son in the back seat to witness all this).

I had a coupon allowed the customer to purchase a Dave's Hot n Juicy Hamburger and get one free. Nowhere on the coupon did it specify that this was for the single burger only. The single, double, and triple burgers on the menu are all called Dave's Hot n Juicy Hamburgers. So I ordered 2 doubles for my son and I and additional fries and drink.

Even though nowhere on the coupon could he point out that this coupon applied only to single burgers, he refused to except my order. I am a hard working person and very rarely can I treat my child to lunch, and this is how your manager treats his customers. I am extremely upset and disappointed in how my son and I were treated by this person. I don't always believe in customers always being right, but in this case; I was right and humiliated and treated with disrespect.

A coupon should be specific and if not, a manager or employee should always give the customer the benefit of doubt and treat him/her with respect.

Not just be dismissive and curt.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wendys Cons: Mgr.

  • very bad service
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