Denver, Colorado

My husband and I went inside to get a hamburger at Wendy's in Ft. Collins, Co.

The gal who waited on us was very very rude and hateful. I was trying to be nice and make conversation and she bit my head off.

I am 63 and my husband is 73 so we asked for the senior discount. She said, "Nope, too late! I already rung it up".

I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. Her name was Mandy.

We have done a lot of business there in in past, but no more. There was no cause for her to be so hateful.

I tried calling the office but never got an answer or a call back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Hamburger.

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It's amazing how places like this will argue with you over a few cents, not caring about losing your long term repeat business. It seems pretty dense to me. Probably why they are working at Wendy's in the first place.


She may not be a mind reader, but she sure wasn't blind and you can tell we are seniors by looking at us. I couldn't even eat after that.


She was rude before any of that happened. She was being rude to the young gal in front of us too.

She rang it up so fast before we were even through ordering we didn't have time to say senior discount. Most of the time, Wendy's will ring it up and then subtract the discount. No big deal. Most places just look at us and know we are seniors and automatically put in the discount.

You sound very rude yourself.

Younger people need to learn to respect their Elders. I was being very nice to her, there was no reason for her rudeness.


The cashiers are not mind readers. Why did you wait till after the transaction like a *** to ask for the senior discount.