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The lady at the drive through window was rude and not polite. Said hi to her didn't respond back.

Said thanks when leaving and again no response. She had a snarl on her face when handing out items. They didn't put sauce on any of or burgers. My husbands baconater was dry.

The sauce on my daughters burger had a little drip of mayo and ketchup in the center. They forgot the sour cream for my baked potato and my extra cheese sauce. Tried to give me a slice of cheese on my baked potato. Didn't mark which pops were which had to guess which were rootbeer and coke.

This is my second time there since I moved to Penticton and this is the 2nd time ive had forgotten items and rude service. I will not be returning for a 3rd time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Potato.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Lol Is This Real? :? If So Poor Daughter Wendys Is Soo Good.


Clearly a joke complaint. Not funny but not real either.


Also my husband and daughter will not be returning. I told my daughter that if she ever at at that restaurant again I would ground her.

If I ever found a package from any Wendy's I would ground her. no television, no internet, no friends, and I would tear up her homework so she gets a zero. My husband and I are firm on this and no child of ours will eat at any Wendy's.

I don't care if she likes their baconater, or their square meat patties. If she goes to Wendy's again she will not only be punished at home but at school as well.


I agree with you that the service was bad, but don't you think that you are going too far by controlling where your daughter goes. I mean that is fine but ripping up her homework so she gets into trouble at school isn't that going too far?

It was bad of them not to say hi to you. But is that really the end of the world. You sound like a bitter person, threatening to tear up your daughter's homework if she eats at Wendy's so perhaps she was in a bad mood dealing with you and your husband. I feel bad for your daughter and hope she does not end up with depression or other problems after living with the two of you.

Also rude and not polite are the same meaning so don't use them both in one sentence.

Also stop acting like a child. Mistakes happen, an adult checks their order before leaving and does not go around throwing temper tantrums(threatening to tear up their child's homework) if they don't get what they want.


the rude and not polite are the same and different....not saying hi and bye and thanks is not polite...rude was glaring at us like she had a bad day...also notice this site seems to lie about I just posted and it said from Ontario when I clearly live in a different province lol


I am not sure who posted the comment about homework be ripped up but that is uncalled for....I just know myself personally I will not go there again but cant stop my family from doing what they want..