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Christmas eve, at about 7:00 PM I went through the drive up window at the Martinsville Indiana Wendy’s. I ordered a Baconator meal with a baked potato and a #6 (Spicy chicken meal) with a large Chile. "Krista" told me that I couldn't order a "Large" chili, that I had to order a small chili instead. I told her that the night before I had ordered a large chili with the #6 and they charged me an extra .85 cents which was no problem. KRISTA refused to serve me the large chili stating it was impossible. I asked for her supervisor and she stated she was the supervisor. I argued some more and then told her told her to shove it and drove off.

Point is, customer is always right. Furthermore if she hasn't been instructed or doesn't know how to add a large chili, fries or drink to a meal then she doesn't need to work at any fast food. She's a ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Potato.

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:? you really have to wonder when society changed, that most of these comments are about how wrong this guy was.

The customer may not always be right, but they should expect satisfaction or good customer service within reason. If he had ordered it and received it before, he should be able to expect it again. Even if it wasnt "possible" to ring up a large chili for .85 cents more and he had had it that way before, if she was the manager, she should have given him what he wanted and explained "I'm sorry for the confusion. The clerk who did this for you last time was incorrect in doing so.

I'll do it this way for you this once, however this isn't something that we are really capable of doing for you again. If you would like it ordered this way again, then we would have to charge you for each item individually which comes out to XYZ amount. Again sorry for the confusion, have a Merry Christmas". More than likely some employee had figured out how to do it right but no one else had bothered to take the time.

Or even more likely, It was christmas eve and the employee just didn't want to take any flak so lied about being the manager. You people here saying this guy is being childish, quite to the contrary, you are. We as customers have the right to expect good service, especially if its something we ordered before. Up your expectations.

"customer being right is being abused to the maximum" no. Service has fallen to a bare minimum and folks who give such *** service should be ashamed. If you treat a customer poorly or dont do you your best to help them, you should be ashamed of yourself. But are you?

No you turn to your co workers and laugh about this guy wants this or that. People need to learn how to take pride and ownership of a job well done, even if its only serving burgers.


the customer always being right is abused to the maximum anymore. You have NO idea how much customers such as yourself like to harass people in fast food just for a dollar or two.

The abuse that we take and we can't defend ourselves, we have to take it...because you are always supposed to be right. Bull!! just because we work in fast food, doesn't mean we are simplistic *** Some of us even have college under our belts, it is just the job we have managed to find to support our families.

You want your way all of the time and when you can't have it you pitch a hissy fit because you are always right! Get over yourself and take a backseat for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, there are almost 1000 hits on this complaint and I'm sure many have decided to go to Burger King or Dairy Queen instead of stopping at this Wendy's. It would suggest the customer is right in this case.

I agree the people in the Martinsville Indiana Wendy's are *** as I have had issues like this before and have gone to the franchise owners over the issues. The only people more ignorant than the line workers are the franchise owners/managers.

Don't think they will understand and rectify the problems either. My suggestion is to keep driving to Bloomington or Indy to get something to eat as the residents in Martinsville are in general *** and the gene pool is too shallow to produce even an average fast food worker.

The customer is always right!


Customers THINK they are always right, but NOT always..


The customer is not "always right". In fact, most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about.

I'm sorry that you didn't get everything your own way, but to be childish about it is rediculous. If she did not give you a large chili it is either because she did not know how or you simply couldn't do it.

If she didn't know how to do it get over it and take the small chili rather than drive off. Poor girl was probably new to the store and the register system.


Did your parents know that you borrowed their car. Surely someone who would tell another person to "shove it" or result to childish name calling is not an adult.

The saying the cust6omer is always right is outdated because of impossible people like you who like to push people around. just because you are lonely and have no one to share the Holidays with does not give you the right to take it out on others.

BaffBaff you would not happen to be a racist registered nurse by any chance.


first of al this was back in 2007 back then u could not get the large chili with the large combo u could have only gotten the small. unless the ring up the sandwich drink and large chili all seperate. now as of 2010 they can now serve the large chili with the combo


Krista was wrong, I work and Wendy's and you can upgrade to a large chili on a combo, you just have to be smart enough to know how to ring it up, if you don't get satisfation at store level, call the 1-800 number and tell them, at the least you will get coupons and they will expect the manager to fulfill your request:) :)


HA! i used to work at wendy's and i agree the customer is ALWAYS right.

I was only 16, but i would give the customer whatever he/she wanted. That was wrong of her, and if i were you i would have called that 1800 number they have, and complain. you know.. that goes staight to the owner of the store and will get her in ALOT of trouble.

Im sure she is doing it to other people to. im sorry you had to go threw that!


customer is not always right just get that out of your head.


Agreed. You should have accepted the order and paid for it, and gotten the golden ticket: the receipt. THEN you could have not only outed Krista for the *** that she is, but you also would have gotten an apology (and free food) from a person in corporate, usually a regional manager.


Well if she did not know how to make the changes then she as "supervisor" should have asked for help. But you should not have told her to shove it though.