Fort Gibson,Oklahoma

A few days ago I visited Kansas City, Kansas for the weekend. My wife, kid and I got in late from shopping and across the street we visited Wendy's drive thru.

The fries were soaked and wet with grease, I asked that they not put cheese on it but they did. I had already left when I found this out and decided not to go back until I attempted to *** the burger. The burger was still very raw on the inside. I then got upset and immediately went back to there.

I explained what happened and they asked if I wanted another burger and I told them no and I would never eat there again. By then I was sick and threw up in the parking lot of the restaurant. I don't know if it was from the cheese or it was from the raw hamburger meat. I have pictures and want to do something about it.

Who do I talk to and where do I go for help with this?

I went to the Wendy's website and submitted a complaint and it stated that someone would get with me in a couple of days. I've yet to hear from anyone and I don't think it's right!

Raw Deal!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Burger.

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He should have turned it over to the local health department, and then contacted a civil lawyer.


At fast food places, it is always a good idea to check your order before leaving the business. Fast food means fast, and mistakes can be made.

However, I don't think you got sick that fast from a *** of undercooked hamburger or cheese. You had probably picked up a bug someplace or it was from something you ate earlier in the day.

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