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While watching television with my nine year old daughter I came across a very racist commercial where a couple were eating your marinated chicken sandwich. There was an African American Employee coming over to them stating that at $6 an hour the total cost of the wrap should be $72 since it was marinated for 12 hours. My daughter who is starting the fourth grade can do this simple math problem. This commercial gives the message that blacks are uneducated and need a calculator to do simple math problems.

I will no longer be eating at your restaurant. When I went to the manager of my local Wendy's he was very upset to see me and rudely asked if I wanted free coupons for this.

I feel that this commercial is giving the wrong message to my daughter and other children. Sending a gift card would be nice as this commercial is sending the wrong message to my daughter. As a registered nurse I hardly get time to watch television with my daughter. I work ten hours a day and to have my evening ruined with such a commercial is ridiculous. Please send the gift cards through the mail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Sandwich.

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If you want to *** and moan about a commercial, call the corporate office or the people of the advertising team. The manager of your local Wendy's can't do anything about that.

What did you expect the manager to do? Take the commercial off the TV himself?


Way to blow it out of proportion. It's only racist because people like you still see the color of skin.. If that had been a black woman and black man sitting at the table with a white employee, the thought would have never even crossed your mind.


I saw a new Wendy's commercial where a woman is eating a Tuscan chicken sandwich and states waving her hands and says "no I know why Italian people talk with there hands" what is that all about??


Obviously this commercial is racist to all NON-black people as well as an insult to women, implying that only black males have math skills. :eek :upset :zzz


I can't believe you're trying to make this into a racist commercial! hahaha that obviously was not their intention.

And not even a typical stereo type of blacks.

Duh? A registered nurse would have more common sense....


stop begging for freebies, you can afford to pay for your food and make it harder for those who dont make as much as you do.


I think you left the jeri curl in too long...


Racist? Maybe you should read your racist comments about Jews on your other wendy's complaints...I really hope you are writing your reviews as a joke to purposefully get a reaction out of people, if not you are incredibly messed up in the head



everyone on this page can tell. you do not need any of those supid gift cards.

if i gave you like 5000 of those *** things , i bet tha twould just make you sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy .weirdo :upset i think you should stop complaining about EVERYTHING. you also keep mentioning that you are a RN, lets face it your not .


Seriously? Wendy's owes you a gift card?

Apparently Wal-Mart owes you half of their stock since they made your 10 year old babble all the way over candy out of a machine, and because you lost your niece. As far as the commercial is concerned: It was supposed to be funny, and you obviously have no sense of humor. I am pretty sure I have see your user name in almost all of the complaints. What a loser.

And I feel really sorry for your kids.. they will grow up thinking they are entitled to gift cards because the TV offended them. TURN THE *** THING OFF!

It only takes a second to turn it off or change the channel. But you know what they say..." I saw it on TV, and it made me do________ "( insert crime here) :eek


"As a registered nurse I hardly get time to watch television with my daughter. I work ten hours a day and to have my evening ruined with such a commercial is ridiculous. Please send the gift cards through the mail"

You are a absolute ***.


This commercial is racist in many ways. Now blacks may be thieves but they are not uneducated. For those of you that are saying this is not racist take a good look in a mirror because you are probably racist yourself.


its not racist to blacks you ***, its racist to asian people and associating them with mathematics


It is okay Kess, maybe since you posted the post twice she has double the chance of actually reading it and knowing she is being a ***.


Sorry for the double post.


If you can't pick up a donut or brownie off the floor of a Subway restaurant, you really need to say NO to the fast food.


If you can't bend down to pick up a donut or a brownie off a Subway floor then you really need to pass on the fast food.......


This is the same woman that has been going on writing letter after letter demanding freebies and bragging about being a registered nurse and being better than others. She also wrote another letter to Wendy's which she is denying.

I have a feeling that she has asked the manager for free gift cards before.

With all her other demands for freebies I would not be surprised. Then lie others have pointed out she denies having such letters claiming she has a imposter or perhaps she is stealing drugs and forgets she wrote the letters.


Look at the averages lady - everything in the commercial is probably true. Kids these days are not too good at math - whether they are "african - americans" or "whatever country our ancestors were from - Americans".


First of all, I think that you have the wrong commercial. That is a Popeye's chicken commercial that is going around, not a Wendy's.

If Wendy's did that commercial, they duplicated it from Popeye's, which I doubt. I sure hope that this lady didn't upset the Wendy's manager for a commercial that was not theirs.

The commercial is not a racist one, and people need to spend their time looking for more constructive things to do. And I'm a black woman, by the way....