Payson, Arizona

..while visiting here in payson, az., we were going to dine at wendy's on beeline hwy..cold food, sour milk, manager really not interested in our problem..this didn't happen once, but trying to give benefit of the doubt, we tried again tonite (jan. 26,2008) 6:30 p.m.

same service a second time...includeing very slow service..also, another customer complained of cold food while were there....lesson more wendy's for us.we ordered a spicey chicken sandwich,milk, fries, and a large crackers available, and a coffee.

a cheeseburger jr.

was omitted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Cheeseburger.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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this was why I quit wendys, I was a mgr for 10 years, they didnt care HOW you made your numbers as long as you made them.I refused to lye cheat and steal from customers. :?


I read that complaint plus 50 others where you demand free food complain.


Wendy's Is the worst place to eat! If you read my complaint about then continually screwing up my order,then sending free coupons, only for me and my mom to be harrassed by the manager when redeeming them, and the manager screwing up our order again, only for him to harrass me on the phone when I asked for a replacement sandwich,then you will see how they can care less about there customers and quality of food!

I have gotten cold food there numerous times, plus they don't know how to take an order and always get it wrong!

There fries are loaded with too much salt and they put wilted lettuce and tomatoes on a stale bun.

I know one thing, no more Wendy's for me!