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Wendys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Lazy, incompetent, rude

I waited 20 minutes to receive a cold, incorrect order. When I told the cashier at the drive thru window my order was wrong, he literally grunted something that wasn’t English. This isn’t my first bad experience at this particular store. I have contacted corporate before and received a coupon for a salad. This is a disgrace.
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Wendys Cashier
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Poor customer service

Wendys in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania - Employee Falsley accuse customer of improper touching , while giving her ride

I went in to the store and sitting down having lunch, cashier who waited on me called the police, accused me that I gave her a ride and improperly touched her. Two police men from KIng Of Pruusia and two from Bridgeport showed up and escorted me out of the store. They accused me of improperly touching her, while she hitchhiked in Bridgeport, Pa. I called Wendy's and complained, that I did not know who she is never saw her before in my life, that she called the police. Police wants to talk to my wife about the incident. I went to have lunch yesterday and found out that she is still working there. I do not know Wendy's Ethics. No body called me to apologize and they did not do anything to her. Shame on them if that's the type of employees they retain on their payroll. May be they will make her the manager now. Police did not do anything to her. Just because she is a woman she accuse anybody of anything and get away with it, while destroying the pride and integrity of an innocent man.
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Wendys Cashier
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Fire the employee and letter of appology
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Horrible Wendys service

I have to say, yet again the wendys on route 93 in Hazleton, Pa has let me down. Tried to go through the drive-in, yet could not hear a word so I went inside. After waiting for over 10 minutes I finally got to place my order. I asked to speak to a manager re: the speaker outside. She told me its not her problem and te owner is too cheap to fix it. I then asked why I should have to waot 10 minuted inside and she said that she had to deal with someone else (who had a problem with a previous order) she was very rude to him, and I asked her what her problem was she told me the customers are, when I mentioned that I knew the local owner, she said good call the then she walked away saying kiss my ***....When I asked the cashier if I heard correctly she begged me to leave her out of it and apologized. I am done with Wendy's and very much done with a corporation who doesnt even want to give a feedback number.
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The main problem here is that you asked what the other customer's problem was. You also shouldn't have had asked the other employee if you heard correctly.

Some things are just better ignored. If you have heard said it before why did you go back again?

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Wendys Cashier

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