Overland Park, Kansas
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Me n my man live close 2 Wendy's @ 55 Hampshire St. Lawrence, MA.

We use da wi-fi. I got 4 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers & a sm strawberry shake. We sat there 4 bout 1hr.

& bout 11:07pm the manager on duty said that everyone needed 2 leave. There were people still sittin & were either eating and/or using the WiFi. There was a woman that was there b4 we showed up that hadn't anything in front of her to eat or drink, just her laptop. As the manager told everyone to leave, she looked in our direction.

My boyfriend held up the rest of the milkshake & asked if he could finish, and the manager told him no.

There was still people there not eatin or drinkin, I felt mistreated. The 1 that made us leave, Her name was Delilah.

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If you want to use the wifi that bad then go outside and use it in your car or go to McDs. If they close at 11pm then you have to go! They have to lock the doors and do the closing procedures in the dining room because more than likely the person closing the dining room has to be done in gone within 30 minutes of the dining room close.


oh how professional , mr manager, loser. Oh Im big *** cuz I manage a Wendy'S, 1.

Kick rocks 2. ur dreaming cuz only in ur pathetic mind woukd u think u'd b able to pull that off with gettin u *** busted up. 3.

constructive criticism is for adults only so y r u *** *** kids even commenting? no answer required......


You're lucky I wasn't notified. I was in the office when you and your (man) were in the lobby. Had I been notified, I would have made sure you had no time for either debate or finishing your milkshake.

I would have likely made sure the two of you left, WEARING what was left of your lip-smacking, delicious Wendy's milkshake.

P.S. Y'all come on back now, ya hear?


I had to shorten my statement. Are you really trying to start drama over my complaint?

And yes, you are still a loser. You probably work for a Wendy's, and feel offended. And yes I will continue to call you an *** because you still didn't understand the reason for my complaint. As a matter of fact, I walked into this.

I will find a legitimate website to post my complaint. Both of you ignorant *** can find someone else's complaint to *** on.


You might want to recheck your last statement. "u two idiots have that much time on ur hands" try fixing your grammar before calling people idiots, we are not the one complaining about being kicked out of a Wendy's at 11:00pm either.


I thought this was to complain about service, so why are these two idiots above knit picking at my complaint? The idea was that as a paying customer, I should not have been singled out while other people were still there. Had nothing to do with the timing it the WiFi, but apparently, u two idiots have that much time on ur hands.


Heres an idea, pay for wi-fi @home. If you were the mgr.

and have been at work for 8 or more hours you would want people that were using the free wi-fi to leave the dining room also. It's for their own safety, in which they will put before your convienience.


Seeing that you are under the age of 10, you should not be out in public without adult supervision.