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Last evening a little after 10pm, I ordered a Jr. cheese plain for myself, and a regular 4 piece nugget for my six-year-old daughter.

Yes it was late, but we have been visiting a dear friend of mine who is very sick nearly on a regular basis.

First of all, this is information that has happened numerous times. I live very close to the Newtown Wendy's location, so it is very convenient for me and my daughter. What I am about to tell whom ever who reads this probably won't give a ***, but I will no longer go to that location.

There are the two same women every time we go through the drive through that are standing outside smoking and cussing as if nobody was there? My daughter and I like having the windows down, but every time we drive through now, my SIX YEAR OLD says, "mommy, we have to roll up the windows, there are those two girls again being loud who says inappropriate things." She puts her hands up to her ears. Really people? My six year old is now scared to even get food there anymore!!!!

They both stand by a blue 2 door car. One of the ladies has to be some kind of manager right? Description of these women, the one is white, short and heavyset with short dark hair who was wearing an apron. The other lady was black, heavy set, no hat on?

Could be another manager I don't know?

Not only did the order take so long, I figured out that reason easily because there's obviously only one person working the window, register, and making food while the two ladies are outside smoking, saying "*** no, no *** way" I could go on and on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

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What good does it do for you describe the women as being heavy set, actually you wouldn't have had to give any kind of description. I really think you are exaggerating about your daughter.

You can't tell me that by the time a kid reaches six years of age, they haven't heard various types of language/words. If she knows the word "inappropriate", it sure as the world is pretty sure that she has heard the other words before hearing them at Wendy's. My guess is that you haven't stopped to think that maybe those two employees had clocked out for the night. You are right the hour was plenty late for a six year old to be up, no matter where you had been.

Just because you have a sick friend is no excuse to keep a six year old up that late. Cut your visits shorter and get you kid to bed at a respectable time.

Considering that Wendy's prepares their food as it is ordered, it is going to take longer than if you go to one of the other fast food places that have the food already prepared, sitting under heat lamps. When those places are open late, they normally don't have a full staff, because the dining room isn't open, the only thing open is the drive up.