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Hello PC,

I'm an OTR Truck Driver and believe you me, I've been around this US...One thing I do know is that you better be careful ordering a #7 at Wendy's....I ordered a Fish Combo and of course they were out of fish...So I settled for a #7 and told the "Kid" at the register to make sure they didn't microwave the chicken to the point that I couldn't eat it...Well, they heated it to that point anyway...And this happens at the last three Wendy's I've stopped at...I told him I would bring it back and I did...The fries were luke warm at best...Cold fries and Hot chicken...Can't enjoy either...It's sad when you spend $7.52 for a lousy meal and Wendy's don't care..Jus give me your money Consumer...Guess we should jus mail Ole Dave our paychecks and save ourselves the anger....

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This is *** because at wendys we don't use microwaves to heat the food. The chicken is fried not reheated.


Wendy's doesn't microwave any of their food, except the buns & sometimes the bacon, depending on the kind they are using at any given time. & as far as I know, they are currently using bacon that gets baked in the oven.

All of the hot food besides the burgers are fried & then placed in a holding area [chicken & potato's in a hot drawer; fries, nuggets, & fish under heating lamp depends] for a set amount of time as per company policy & health code. When the food runs out of time, it is thrown away. Some places will push the limit on the times even though they shouldn't, of course, but for the most part it's followed pretty closely.

Seriously though, if you want something literally FRESH out of the fryer, you need to ask for it, & then wait the 6 minutes it takes to cook it. It's called fast food for a reason. You can't complain about getting something that may not be this-very-second fresh if you want fast food to continue being FAST.