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Wendys in Lapeer, Michigan - Rude window cashier

Culver city Wendy's on Venice Blvd. 1/18/2014 between 3pm-4pm...she was rushing to give me my change and food even though she saw me handing the food over to my one was behind me waiting! She kept saying here is your change over and over then here you go ma'm over and over like an annoying Bird! I would have reported her nasty attitude to the Manager but she will surely get fired soon if she keeps that kind of treatment up to customers! Unprofessional and rude! Keep your miserable attitude to yourself. I was more pleasant than her and I was the Customer!
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I work at wendys and we have timers on drive thru and sandwiches. While you are sitting there taking your time handing out food to your family we are getting yelled at to hurry it along though our headsets. Maybe she was wrong in repeating herself like that but we really do get yelled at for slow drive thru times.


Yes If You Take Your Time At The Window The Worker Is Either Getting Yelled At Through The Headset While You Are Still There Or Is Going To Hear It Later On After You Pass. Who Cares If There Is No Cars Behind You?

You Are Still Running The Timer (I Always Hated Hearing That) How Long Did It Take Your Family To Get The Bags?

Thissssssssss Longggggggg? :grin


How is repeating here is your change having an attitude? You must not have worked fast food undertanding that is very fast paced and everything is timed especially drive thru.

I used to work at a wendy's and they're VERY picky about their drive thru times to the point of constantly yelling at the cashier. She was repeating herself because she was tryong to get everyone thru the line faster. Afterall it is Fast food ri


At least u had enough mercy to not complain about something *** and get this poor girl fired. Some people are way too easily offended.


It's called fast food, not "take your dumb*ss slow moving time handing food to your entire family who move slower than molasses in winter while the cashier holds your change until everyone is thoroughly fed" food.


How is that having a miserable attitude? Maybe she wanted to get rid of your dumbas.s?


Are you aware of how cold it gets by those drive up windows when they are open? Unless you have worked in one while living in a cold climate you have no idea.

What do you mean handing the food over to your fmaily, couldn't that wait until you pulled out of the drive through or were they absolutely starving to death? You were the one not paying attention because to get your change, when dishing out the food could have waited, therefore that makes you the rude one.


Why be a *** while working when the customer is the reason you get paid?!!

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