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My bf and I wanted a quick snack last night, so we swung through the drive-thru and ordered 2 Junior Hamburgers with only lettuce, tomato and pickle. Quite possibly one of the easiest orders to make, it was still messed up because no tomatoes were added. We went back through the drive-thru to have them fix the order, and waited 10 minutes for others to be done and the hapless worker to realize he hadn't put the order in correctly. The manager of the Wendy's, located at 1483, Olentangy River Road in Columbus, OH, your home state, came and asked the issue. We told him that our order had not been made correctly as it lacked the tomatoes we requested. He said "ok", went to the prep area, came back, and offered us a container with 2 sad looking slices of tomato in it. Two slices of tomato! I think he actually expected us to make our own sandwiches at that point, which is ludicrous because that's what we paid him and his staff to do!

It was insulting, dismissive, and condescending the way we were treated. We demanded that our sandwiches be remade, and that was met with sulk. By the time it was all over, we didn't bother to eat the sandwiches too scared were we that they had been spat upon or something worse.

I am already not a fast food fan, and only grab the occasional fries or a quick burger when I go out dancing. I usually go to Wendy's to support my own, but after this, I'm done. Life is too short, and there are too many other and upcoming cheap burger/fries places to have to put up with that kind of deplorable service - especially from a manager. If this is indicative of Wendy's' new policy, I can do without. After all, there are a BKs, Graffiti Burgers, Five Guys, and the like within spitting distance of any of your restaurants here...pun very much intended. I can't imagine they won't be happy for the extra business.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I'm sorry, but seriously? I understand that you're pissed that they messed up the order, that's totally valid. But being pissed that they attempted to correct their mistake by giving you the missing tomato AND that you only got '2 sad looking slices of tomato' isn't valid at all. There are a few things wrong with this.

First, it is against Wendy's [& I'm sure every other restaurant] policy to take back a sandwich they have already given to a customer & add anything to it because it can contaminate it, as per health code. This is the reason they gave you tomatoes in a separate container for you to add yourself. So unless you expected them to make you brand new sandwiches, just to add a lone tomato to each, than this was the best that they could do. Unless it is a sauce that was mistakenly left off or put on, it is completely normal for them to give you pickles, onions, lettuce, or tomatoes in a separate container, so they can avoid wasting product & avoid contaminating the product you already have. If you wanted the sandwiches completely remade, you could have said something & they would have done it - but you didn't, so they followed protocol.

Second, junior-size burgers [actually, all of Wendy's sandwiches] only come with ONE tomato. So they gave you the amount you were supposed to get: one per sandwich. If you want more tomato, you ask for it. The workers can't read your mind, & they'll just do as they were trained, which is one tomato per sandwich.

Basically, all of your complaints [aside from the fact that they messed up your order in the first place, which was an honest mistake considering that Junior burgers typically come with ketchup, pickle, onion, & mustard] are uncalled for. They're simply a matter of you not knowing [or caring] about the protocol they have or the fact that they followed it to a T. At least the worker who made the mistake DID realize it, & likely apologized to you for it or you wouldn't have mentioned it in your account that he 'realized his mistake'. I also don't see anywhere in this account where anyone treated you poorly or dismissed you. They attempted to fix the problem, & in as timely of a manner of they could - considering that you were in drive thru, your statement that they took '10 minutes' to help you is completely ludicrous, as there are timers at the windows & times must be below a certain amount of seconds per company policy. PRO TIP: If you have a problem with an order, park your car & take it INSIDE the store. You will only frustrate employees when you're backing up the drive-thru for a minor mistake. Going in will likely make the process faster & easier to take care of.

My last piece of advice is this - just because someone works in fast food or any other entry-level job doesn't mean they're Shi**y people with no feelings or motivation to be good at their job. The golden rule in life is to treat people how you want to be treated. If you want to get good service & good food in a timely manner by a friendly employee, than BE NICE to them. Fast-food workers are forced to give the customer everything they want because the 'customer is always right'. Don't take advantage of that just because you can.

Verification that I know what I'm talking about: I worked at two separate Wendy's between 2006 & 2012 to get through high school & college.