Reedsburg, Wisconsin

I work at a Wendy's. The manager treats the employees here like ***.

She harrasses us and abuses us. Then tells us if we don't like it we can find a job somewhere's else. The manager had one older woman crying they were harrasing her so bad. We have caught her many times making sandwiches without washing her hands or wearing gloves but yells at employees for not using tongs to get the chicken from the drawer when she reaches in there with His her bare hands.

Just sick of the abuse. The manager abuses the powerer

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I have a disability and I am being picked on bye a manager



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my friend work en wendys seaford,long island,she say feel.bad,cant work confortable,because the manager billy have the problem with her,everthing doe don like,have the discusse with her,hi scrimer,i know is the boss but is no nice because is women,so my friend say he make the sandwich with one gloves,not wash the hands.the customer on the front get thr complaint two months ago i thinks,because touch the chichen with the hands,the store have de report,sometimes he make the salad out gloves,when sombody need one salad,my frend say fell terrible,streesing,confused,cant work anymore because is imposible work with hem,she work fantastic with the rest the manager except to hem,she get long time on the company,16 year,so she need the job,but she thinks need the transfer,because like working nice and comfortable,thanks for all,i hope so fix the big problem


I agree, I saw a Manager at the South Bend Store on Michigan Street (by the bypass) treat here employees like ***. I am sure that these employees do not get paid enough to listen to someone embarrass them in front of not only the rest of the the crew working with them, but to do it in front of customers.

I think she really needs to think about a different type of job that is not working with the public. I have never seen a person sit there and cry because her manager made the comment that they were basically to *** to do there job. And as i am looking, i can see they were way under staffed. I was in aww and i left.

I do not want my food coming from a place who doesn't treat there employees with some respect. I hope that her boss sees this and makes a decision to maybe think that this isn't okay.



MALE OF FEMALE... sharmus evans, 7/5/2014




As a matter of introduction, my name is Sharmus D. Evans, I am currently employed at Wendy's Restaruant located in Olathe, Kansas 66061.

I have been employed with Wendy's going on a year now 2013-1014. And, since my hiring I too, have experienced employee harrassment, unfair treatment, i.e. among other unwarranted conditions due to the managers abuse of authority. Now, without seeming to be argumentative...

On or about July 5, 2014, at approximately 6:03 p.m., I was send home by Mrs. Maria, Manager on Duty for reasons unknown to me..? When I asked her the reasons as to why I am being sent home ? And, where is the write-up so that I can understand the rational of her reasons, but was denied the right to review the alleged 'corrective action form' as an employee.

Yet, let me remind you that since clocking into my shift at 4:00 pm., I reported to my manager on duty - Mrs. Maria as I always do with all my supervisors on shift. I, respectively, asked Mrs. Maria, (M.O.D) where ?

and to what ? job assignments are required of me during my shift between 4pm - 12:30am. Mrs. Maria, replied the 'grill', in which, consisted of me to drop and maintain all food products, and the cleaning of machinary and fixtures after closing hours.

No problems. No worries. Never had a problem with doing 'MY JOB'. I complied.

About thirty minutes later Mrs. Maria approached me and asked to speak with me in the office. I complied. In so doing, I asked; Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Maria, asked me; ' why did i put down 4 spicy chickens, 3 homestyles and 5 crispy chickens like i asked you too..? I respectively replied; 'I did drop the spicy, homestyle and crispy chickens like you asked. Then, Mrs.

Maria stated that; 'I asked you to put down 2 homestyles, not 3. Then, I realized that Mrs. Maria, as my manager on duty were holding a personal grudge against me-stemming to a past miscommunication between us during the month of June before she became an active manager at wendy's restaruant in olathe.



I started working at Wendy's not to to long ago. I thought I would like it at first, because the main manager is a really swell dude, but the lower managers and employs are...

I cant even describe it really! Its just no matter how hard I try, they seem to still deem me as *** and useless. Mostly the coworkers are the people being quiet rude, except for a few people. I do try my best, I do all my tasks and try to do other's tasks while they are busy.

I'm just there to make a living, but yet the employs act like school kids. They make fun of every little thing and go on and on. Its just aggrivating, but I shrug it off everyday. I am grateful for the chance to work, I just wish I knew why they dont seem to like me.

I try my best to be curtious and attentive to all my surroundings.

Maybe it is because I'm young and look even younger. :P


I work for a Wendy's, I prefer not to give away my location, and it's crazy. We have one GM, two Co-managers (one of them interviewed me and hired me) and two assistant managers.

One of the Co-managers is a ghetto, trash, short-tempered *** who is ALWAYS complaining about EVERYTHING! Nothing I ever do is right. I am not a racist person at all, so PLEASE don't take anything I am about to say out of context. But this CM is black and she tends to treat her white employees a lot harsher than she does her black employees.

I have a black girl working with me who screws up twice as much as I ever would and she is slow as *** and she never says anything to her. And yet, she is always telling me how I can never do anything right and how I'm too slow at my work. I believe that she is too young to be manager there anyway. In fact, most of the management (with the exception of 2) is *** and incompetent.

They messed up my schedule at least twice since I've worked for them, our GM forgot to clock out once. Every time something goes wrong at work, I am typically the one who gets to take the blame for one reason or another. One time, I made a Frosty for a customer. I am supposed to fill it to the lid, right?

So, I filled it just barely passed it (not completely overflowing the cup) and the CM just starts *** me out. And I told her, "I didn't mean to. It's barely passed the lid by like a quarter nano-inch. And then she told me, "Well everytime you 'don't mean to do that' we're losing profits!" And I'm like, "Are you *** me?! we lost a WHOLE lot of profit." Again, I see our black employees do it and she watches them and she doesn't care. She and one of our assistant managers don't like me. Another thing that makes no sense is when I ring in something on my register, but then a customer changes his/her mind, it stays on the screen of the sandwich maker but is highlighted in red as a void and my assistant manager comes up to me and says, "Oh, you never pay attention to what the customer says. That's why you have so many voids.

Everytime you void something, we lose profit!" And again I think, "Well how can we lose anything if I never sold it." We, the Crew Members, always get held accountable for customers not wanting to buy something because it means less big bucks for the bottomless pockets of my managers. And everytime a customer brings something back and says, "Oh I didn't know it had such and such on it (for instance, mayo) and I don't like such and such. Can you remake it for me without mayo?" My managers will come up to me and say, "There you go again! You never pay attention to what the customer wants.

Now I have to pay for your mistake and remake his food!" And I'll say, "No, he never said he didn't want mayo before. He didn't know it came on it." And she'll say, "No, I heard the whole thing! Quit lying and making excuses for your errors......." And that very same AM bitched at me a few weeks ago saying, "WHY ARE YOU ON YOUR PHONE?!?!?!?!?" And I said, "I'm not on my phone." And she kept saying over and over again, "Yes you were! Don't lie to me!!!!!

I just saw you on your phone!!!!!! Next time I see it, I take it!!!!" I wasn't even on my *** phone! If those two can't find anything to *** at me for, they make something up. I'll be restocking something and the CM will come up to me and say, "I'm not paying to stand around!

You got plenty to do!!!! Quit just standing there and do what I ack-sed you to do!!!!" I'll be making fries and the assistant will complain that I didn't put enough fries in the carton and *** about how customers pay a lot of money for fries and how they expect to get what they paid for....I practically give them more than what most people usually do anyway! I can never win with those two. I believe that they're just trying to push cases against me so I'll pretty much be forced to quit.

So far, they're winning. My management is so bad that there are currently scandals going on in my store. Profits have been dropping drastically over the past couple of months, we've been getting a lot of 1-800 number customer complaints to our store over not getting their food made their way, especially about the fries being oversalted, cold and soggy when they get them. And about a bunch of other things to.

The Co-manager that hates me was saying loudly the other night about how none of this started happening until I showed up. Yeah, like really? One guy is going to destroy an entire store's reputation by himself in just a matter of months. I didn't murder anybody!!!!!!

I know both of those managers want me out of there, but they can't do anything about it because it's the GM's decision on who goes and who stays. And the GM and I get along rather well as well as the other co-manager who hired me and the 2nd assistant manager. I mainly take orders on register and close the dining room. They constantly complain about how bad I do at both of those things yet they always insist that I work those positions every night.

That immediately sent out a red flag to me that they're trying to get me put into a position to where I'll be forced to leave. Why the assistant manager wants me gone, I don't know. I know the co manager wants me out because she's racist! And because of all the scandals taking place in my store, they're sending a guy from the corporate office down to our store tomorrow to investigate and inspect what's going on in the store.

We had a recent inspection done by our DM and she complained about the floors not being cleaned well enough. The two managers immediately pointed their fingers at me and said, "It's all because of him!!!!" with straight faces. Every night that our DM comes for her inspection, those two managers harass me even twice as hard because of the anxiety caused by her presence. She seems like a very sweet lady but everytime she shows up, all five of my managers just start freaking out like it's the Apocalypse!

I plan to quit this job soon and go find work elsewhere, preferably back along the lines of what I used to do. I am a college student at present and I hope that once I graduate I will have turned my back on Wendy's and fast food forever! However, I hope I don't get fired because if I lose this job without finding another one I'm screwed! And that will follow me on my record for the rest of my life.

The co manager who hired me, I like him ALOT yet he works day shift and I work night shift and he's always clocking out as I'm clocking in. He seems to be the only one, along with another assistant that truly cares about me and respects me. He really tried to butter me up during my interview and sugar coat things for me during my first few weeks on the job however. They say anything you want to hear to get your foot in the door.

I am literally just about ready to throw in the towel with these guys and if they're going to blame a store's downfall entirely on me!?!? They have *** for brains then!!!

They have way to many error of their own. They need to quit being such *** hypocrites and clean up their own plates before they try to clean up mine!!!!!!!


I worked at wendys in auburn washington for a couple years. And I have to agree with what everyone says.

The management team is incompitent. The district managers only care about statistics and could give two craps about how people are treated. So nothing is ever done. I worked my a@@ off and only was talked down to.

Than they created a case about me so I would quit.

Down right the most idiotic place ever.


I work at a Wendy's in Oregon and my GM is thebiggest piece of *** ever! He sits on his *** alllll day.

And belittled everyone he takes like 20 food breaks a shift.

He's forgotteñgove me breaks too. I would tell the district manager but he's just as bad


Got a new manager she is transfering family members. Many people are worried they might get laid off


I totally agree. They need to choose there management team better.

There are to many teenagers in Management and they have no idea how to run a store or how to treat their team with any kind of respect.

If you say anything to your GM or DM they don't do anything about it anyway, so therefore it keeps going on.

Its not the right way at all. This chain is the worse to work for.


I work at the wendy on brandt pike huber height and my gm just keep trrating me like *** I'm a grow man for 1 and I do my job very well every time I turn around she telln to pull mi paints up witch are not down she even went as far as telln me I'm whereing mi belt rong hw do u where a belt rong I gota really short timper n I getin sick of it I really don't know what to do about it but something needs to b done because I'm tired of bening talk down to


i have work at wendys for 3 years and i really love my job until wendys of michigan took over and since then there has been alot of hatred there dm talking to managers like they are nothing and managers treating like employees like ***.i was working in the drive thru we were really busy you have the manager and the grill man out side talking on the phone,smoking cigs .the point is we are busy we are on a tiome limit to order and serve trhe customer under a certian time . when you got a slow cashier up front a sandwiche maker that is blind in one eye and take forever to make a order but not his fault .but not having no help .

you have your manager with smart *** comments talk to you in any kind of way. i got tired of having no respect in that area.i went to the restroom when it was convient for the manager to take my place so i can go. i got tired of not getting help so i quit and i told her that she said i cant quit and that i am making the biggest mistake in my life.then went to the dm and said that she fired me which was a lie.

i dont understand you want a my wendys culture but you have managers treating employees like *** and nobody have no respect for one another and its not about us its the customer cause with out there business there will be no wendys cause they are the one that has to walk out satisfied :? :roll


Why not report him/her to the district manager. Posting here will only help you vent. Put that shmuck in place.

@Step up

If only that worked!! Tried that already.