Talking about 4$ Fountain drink sodas. Meanwhile It cost 2$ for a 2 litters anywhere else.

It cost $6.79 cents for a 10 piece chicken nuggets when you can get a 6 piece for 2$.

If Grab 2 six piece chicken nuggets you will only pay 4$ 2$+ and still walk away with 2 more chicken nuggets then you would have had from purchasing the 10 piece. Makes no sense I’m sure there is more but that’s just what I caught.

Btw Refills are only for dine in customers might want to think about that before paying the 4$ in the drive thru.

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Fresh good quality food that actually has flavor sometimes just costs more. If you want your nuggets from Mcdonalds, I think I saw Ronald poking around in our dumpsters earlier today.


I agree with you. it's like dealing with the government.

very, very, very, very, very sloooooooooooow service. They sure do take their d@mn sweet time.

And the mess! Good God!

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