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What in the entire..... Who wants to eat 6 nuggets on ONE barbecue sauce?!?!?!

By the third nugget I'm pacing myself to dip less generously because I feel like I'm going to run out of sauce from that measly 1 oz (28g) packet they give you. Wendy's should make it mandatory for their employees to give customers at least 2 packets (w/o having to pay extra) if they are purchasing a 6-piece nugget or more.

On top of that, I was supposed to receive a free meal because they didn't even give me a receipt...I found this page because I couldn't write a review/complaint on Wendy's site because I didn't have the specified numbers from the receipt I never received...I'm mean after all, isn't that what their promise to their customers are...NO RECEIPT, THE MEAL IS ON THEM?!!?!?!! On top of that I caught the employee in a lie (she charged me too much, and instead of her correcting it with a supervisors help, she proceeded to say my food was more than it actually was, but I was nice enough not to make it a big deal and asked her to check again because I order there all the time and never does a 6-piece nugget ever equal close to 6 bucks..Like REALLY?!?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Chicken Nuggets.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Wendys Cons: Didnt receive receipt lied to about price bad quality.

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There is nobody that cares after dave Thomas passed away . You will see - no one from company will contact youZ