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I was hired by Mr. John as a crew memeber on 8/28/12.

During my short time as an employee. I saw the store manager disrespecting his staff to a level that is unhuman. When I stated to Mr. John, " I could not work Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Do to my religion." I am a 7th Day Adventist. I was told. " I will not receive much hours." He continues to put me on the schedule on the days, I specefied I could not work. He also stated to me I could not work with visible tattoos.

So he told me, "to wear a long sleeve to cover it." Which I did. But I was told that he later hired people with more visible tatooes. Which he does not make cover up. Since being hired by Mr.

John. I had to endure discrimination due to my religion and sterotype due to my sexual prefrence. I am writing this so someone may investigate 2800 S. Memorial PKWY, Huntsville, AL 35801.

And the store manager at this location. There is a way to lead a team without disrespecting and belowing your staff. I have zero tolereance for disrespect. So I am writing this complaint.

In hopes that someone may investigate my claims. I have not disrespected Mr. John. The store manager but he seem to be on a quest to make me quit.

Please I am asking someone to review and investigate this manager. I am a hard worker willing to learn when I contact Mr. John to see if I can receive more hours? I was told "No".

When clearly the staff has told me there is work. He is personally on a quest to make me quit; which he has told me to do.

My application before being hired stated the dates I could work , but yet I have to be disrespected for my religious beliefs. What ever happened to Dave Thomas vision Just be nice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

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"DON'T CONTACT THE FRANCHISE"!!! You have written some very good complaints that show you have a strong discrimination case. What you need to do is this:

1. Call the Labor Board within your State.

2. Find your local number for Human Rights Commission.

3. Hire a discrimination attorney.

I have helped an attorney with two discrimination cases here in New Hampshire. One client won his case and the other one that we are working with is taking this food chain to Federal Court because he is disabled.

don't do this by yourself. Call some discrimination attorney's and ask what they can do to help you. Some will take 1/3 of your winnings from the lawsuit and some others will want down payment before taking your case.


Contact the owner of the franchise. However, I do know that when people ask for preferential treatment no matter the religion, some managers will react in a negative way.