Los Angeles, California
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I ordered a Crispy Chicken Deluxe with no bacon (I am Jewish and do not eat pork). I received the sandwich with bacon.

I brought it back and told them that I could not eat the bacon or the portions of the sandwich that were now coated with bacon fat. They took off the top half of the sandwich and replaced the top bun and the tomato but not the slice of cheese.

I asked them to put in a slice of cheese but was told by Jorge (the only person at the counter that was willing/able to speak English) that cheese was only available on that sandwich in conjunction with bacon.

Is this an isolated example of antisemitism on the part of a single employee or is this company policy? I left the restaurant extremely upset over the incident and I am still very upset by it.

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homer you can say ***, but you can't say i d i o t or s t u p i d.


I agree with Jerry. Unless his name was Adolf Hitler I very much doubt he hates Jews. Then again if you believe in past lives he could have been Hitler.


This ought to be fun:

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


the *** is lezzz-be-an.

I can say "pissed" but I can't say a socially acceptable term for a *** woman??


I guess things could be worse: this person could be a ***, black, over-weight jew - then they'd have something to complain about.


Why do people automatically think there is some conspiracy against their whole race or religion because one person is a dummmazz? The world is filled with both - dummmazz's and "entitled". The rest of us are stuck in the middle listening to them cry about their mistreatment at the hands of each other.

Get a grip folks - and get over it.


What is it with you *** Jews always calling everyone anti-semitic? Just because someone puts bacon on your burger doesn't mean he hates Jews. Either grow up or find your way into a hot oven.


I don't like bacon on burgers so I asked them to remove them as well and they did it and they still put the cheese on so that Jorge guy was lying to you. I don't see why they could not include the cheese when you probably paid highly for it to be added.