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Wendys in Indianapolis, Indiana - Still good :)

ours are still the same! try some places in indiana!
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Wendys - Cheeseburger Review from Indianapolis, Indiana

Recently my husband bought me one of Wendy's portobello mushroom bacon cheeseburger, while eating it I found a plastic bag corner edge large enough to choke me. Husband bought this item at 11:23pm on a Wednesday night, not a busy night to make this kind of huge error. I called the next day and spoke with someone who said they were a manager and worked the time in question and said she couldn't see how that could possibly happen, because she watches the workers closely. I then was told the the mushroom and cheese sauce is in plastic bags and microwaved and cut opened and put on sandwich. Well duh there's the plastic. She then said she would replace the burger, I said why would you think I would take a chance eating anything there ever again. Manager basically made light of it like I was blowing it out proportion. The Wendy's was in greenwood, Indiana.
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They offered to make it right, but you refused. Aren't you aware that accidents do happen, and that something like that isn't apt to happen again. I'm sure they would have caught the piece of plastic IF it was actually as large as you are implying.

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Wendys Cheeseburger
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Wendys - Sandwich Review from Indianapolis, Indiana

I ordered the asiago chicken sandwich. I asked for no lettuce or tomato. When I got home, there was nothing but chicken and buns. No cheese, ranch, or bacon. I paid $7.00 for it and don't even get what I ordered. The chicken was also undercooked, which I found out the next morning. I'm sure working fast food and cooking a simple sandwich is so difficult, but endangering your customers is unacceptable. Get it right, Wendy's.
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I bet you wouldn't last 30 seconds working for Wendy's. Then you can tell everyone how difficult making a simple sandwich is.

Good customers get good service... Obviously you're not a good customer.

People make honest mistakes, and *** bags (like you) complain about them. You were already wasting $7.00 by ordering the sandwich in the first place.

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Wendys Sandwich

Wendys in Indianapolis, Indiana - Worst comment ever from General Manager

I was in the drive thru and the clerk incorrectly charged card $.66 instead of $6.69. She advised needed to reswipe card. She gave me second receipt which was for $6.69. I told her she needed to refund .66 since charged me more. After several minutes got GM. She asked rudly for card and I told her my frusteration with situation. She proceed to say 'Good God' under her breathe as she took my card to correct issue. Needless to say how inappropriate, rude, disrespectful and thoughtless to say those words about/to a customer that was incorrectly charged.
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If she said it under her breath, what was the big deal? Furthermore, she might not have been directing the comment to you or about you.

On the other hand, more than likely, she already knew what the situation was, and being you proceeded to tell her about YOUR frustration with the situation, she probably thought you were witching at her.

Being the cashier had already told the manager what the problem was, you DIDN'T have to add to it. How did the manager rudely ask for your card, what was she supposed to do, get down on her knees and beg.?


Wow Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you really are a *** You must either work for Wendy's, or you've got a real problem with people not being held accountable for not being professional at their JOB. Go eff yourself!

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Wendys in Indianapolis, Indiana - Served bad hamburger

I went to Wendy's and got 4 hamburger meals and 1 chicken nugget one.Took them home to eat after that within the hour we all became ill. My 2 sons, my husband and myself all started to throw up we did not get to bed until 1am. My daughter did not get sick she was the one who ate chick. nuggets. I have call the store and they say no one had gotten sick and this is the second time this is happen to us. I was treated like I was lieing that is not true. I worry about sons ages 9mo., and 4 yrs. I think they sheould be polite and reimburse us with money or different food and an appology. Also they should keep better care of their meat has I heard it was fresh not frozen
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Do you have to work hard at being that *** or does it come natural?

OH and Bill saminella takes up to about 2 days for the first symtoms to show. Not mins. Not always throwing up. Mostly starts with very tired, fevor and upset stomach. With in hours of the first symtoms it moves very fast.


There should be an 800 # on your receipt for the corp office complaint line, did you save the wrappers and any uneaten food if so take it to your local health dept. and they can test it, and while you are there fill out a complaint. I know this sounds gross but if you can get some of your vomit in a ziplock to them that will help, with all the saminella around you never know what type of bug you picked up.

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Wendys Hamburger
Christmas eve, at about 7:00 PM I went through the drive up window at the Martinsville Indiana Wendy’s. I ordered a Baconator meal with a baked potato and a #6 (Spicy chicken meal) with a large Chile. "Krista" told me that I couldn't order a...
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:? you really have to wonder when society changed, that most of these comments are about how wrong this guy was.

The customer may not always be right, but they should expect satisfaction or good customer service within reason. If he had ordered it and received it before, he should be able to expect it again. Even if it wasnt "possible" to ring up a large chili for .85 cents more and he had had it that way before, if she was the manager, she should have given him what he wanted and explained "I'm sorry for the confusion. The clerk who did this for you last time was incorrect in doing so.

I'll do it this way for you this once, however this isn't something that we are really capable of doing for you again. If you would like it ordered this way again, then we would have to charge you for each item individually which comes out to XYZ amount. Again sorry for the confusion, have a Merry Christmas". More than likely some employee had figured out how to do it right but no one else had bothered to take the time.

Or even more likely, It was christmas eve and the employee just didn't want to take any flak so lied about being the manager. You people here saying this guy is being childish, quite to the contrary, you are. We as customers have the right to expect good service, especially if its something we ordered before. Up your expectations.

"customer being right is being abused to the maximum" no. Service has fallen to a bare minimum and folks who give such *** service should be ashamed. If you treat a customer poorly or dont do you your best to help them, you should be ashamed of yourself. But are you?

No you turn to your co workers and laugh about this guy wants this or that. People need to learn how to take pride and ownership of a job well done, even if its only serving burgers.

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Wendys Potato

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