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I was pregnant with my daughter and i had discussed with my gm that i wanted to work until my due date. He cut me 2 weeks early saying that i was too pregnant to work (he told several people to tell me he couldnt even do it himself).

When he would not allow me to come back to work i filed for unemployment but wendy's soon appealed it saying that i could have come back to work anytime and still could. Of course the unemployment officer believed wendy's even though i had witnesses tell her differently. I asked the assistant manager 3 times, twice in person, if i could come back and she told me they would have to see if i was rehireable and never got back to me. I was never supposed to be fired in the first place i was only on leave.

on top of that i worked for 2 years trying to get a management position and as soon as i told my gm i wanted to be a stay at home mom and breastfeed he offered me management that i obviously couldnt take. My husband has worked for wendy's for 3 years now and has never recieved a raise or evaluation of any kind. Not only that but to try to save money corporate wendy's moved everyones payday one day to short all the workers one day of pay so we will be a day late on our rent and have to pay a 50 dollar late fee. I just started working at burger king today and couldnt find a job for awhile because of the economy and i am not recieving the unemployment i needed and deserved for being laid off for being too pregnant so my husband and i have been living off of what little he makes on minimum wage.

This would probably make a good case for a lawyer to take on if anybody knows any good ones or if one so happens to be reading this.

until i get paid at burger i dont know how we will survive. Please email me at

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Did your employer ACTUALLY fire you? Did you check back after the two weeks or after the kid was born to see if you still had your job?

Because if they actually FIRED you then you needed to contact the EEOC or a lawyer and sue for discrimination.

But if all he told you was that you were too pregnant to work then he was most likely telling you for your own benefit that you shouldn't be working your *** off at their pace because it could endanger the unborn child and your own health.

Ever hear of miscarriages? Well, a good chunk of them are caused by doing the very thing you wanted to do...A manager who gives enough of a *** to be concerned about his workers may be fewer and further between than it used to be but they aren't extinct yet.


This is a part of what is wrong with America. There are way too many people having children when they are not financially doing well, and then they want to blame everyone else for the predicaments they get stuck in as a result.

CHILDREN COST MONEY!! If you are and your husband are working minimum wage jobs and struggling you should have waited to have children.


Actually, one more thing I'm wondering: Did your DOCTOR say it was fine for you to keep working in a quick-pace fast food environment up to your due date? I've seen pregnant people.

They don't move well towards the end. I would insist you leave as well; no one needs to watch you sweat and lumber around sluggishly trying to do anything while they're trying to grab a *** to eat so they can back to their busy and productive lives.


LOL - Deadbeats. I'm certain that the classes you're taking aren't... what's the phrase... career-producing. I'm sure you're not studying to be engineers, lawyers, doctors... is it an actual school, or one of those buy-a-diploma-online places? The reason why I ask is that the two of you clearly have gone nowhere in life. Years working at a dead end job without having been given a raise suggests that maybe you should both have been thankful for the opportunity Wendy's gave you for as long as they did. I think this quote summarizes things beautifully:

"Since then my husband and i have gotten better jobs and are both going to school so speak before you think".

Speak before you think, indeed.


Also why are you giving to needy people when in your review you make it sound like you cannot support yourselves. How many other lies are you telling us.


"I forgot dont eat there the GM touches money smokes handles items that have been on the floor and other disgusting things without washing his hands and then makes sandwiches with no gloves because his employees dont move fast enough for him."

Liar, most likely you are lying. You seem like the trashy type of people you insist you continue to work yet if something happened to you while at work you would sue saying you should not have been working. Most likely got fired for lying about other employees or for some other reason you "forgot" to mention.


Sure he does??? Does he m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-e- too in the back supply room and then handle all that food? Yah right!


You shouldn't have gotten yourself knocked up in the first place! You should aspire to do better than flipping burgers for a living.

Cmon, are you serious?

Do you really want to flip burgers until you are 70? Give that s-t-u-p-i-d kid UP and join the army!


i raise my daughter just fine. she has everything she needs and more.

i am the one giving to needy people. maybe you just blow all your money but i spend it wisely and my daughter will never go without. its you that should never have children for beleiving in killing children or taking them away from their mother because breastfeeding is the best. a little bit of struggle in someones life is good for them it makes them realize what they have and appreciate it that much more.

maybe you have never gone without and maybe you should. maybe you would become more humble and a better person. since then my husband and i have gotten better jobs and are both going to school so speak before you think.i am a loyal person not willing to leave a company because there is always a chance to get a raise or move up or get a better manager its not like i didnt try and give them the benefit of a doubt. it looks better on a resume to work somewhere for a long period of time and i was willing to stick it out but they jst screwed me.

to this day that gm tells everyone i was the best employee he has ever had but just put saving a buck before his loyalty to his crew. im not the first person he has screwed over in a big way and its time to put it out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Has the baby already born, i.e. is it too late to get an abortion?

If not, I would get one RIGHT AWAY; working at a fast food joint is not sufficient if you wish to raise a child. If it has already been born, you may want to consider giving it up for adoption.


they also said they put me on a leave and would never allow me to come back. how is that my fault?

give me a good reason for firing me not just becuase im pregnant. thank you


my gm told me i was too pregnant to work when i had a doctors note saying i could. that is being laid off for discrimination.


Why would any responsible person expect to receive unemployment compensation because they are pregnant and cannot work because of it? You have an entitlement mentality and both you and your husband are working at minimum wage jobs because of bad decisions you made growing up.

You both need to buckle down and take responsibility for your actions. You became pregnant by choice, ergo, no unemployment comp.


I forgot dont eat there the GM touches money smokes handles items that have been on the floor and other disgusting things without washing his hands and then makes sandwiches with no gloves because his employees dont move fast enough for him.