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0n 2-8-16 I went to the Delavan, WI Geneva St Wendy's I sat in the drive-through for over 10 minutes. By doing so I would have thought that would have been enough time to warm up the food to an eating temp.

Boy was I wrong. I am not sure what they used the time for but it was not to provide me with customer service or food. Being that it was just shortly after 11:30am a person would think that they are going to be ready for the lunch rush. Nope they weren't.

They might have been better off not opening the doors for the day than *** off everyone in the drive through. The whole experience took almost a half a hour by the time I had to get out of my vehicle and go in the building and get a refund for my cold sandwich. Here is an idea, Put my food under your heat lamp and it probably would have cooked faster and been warmer than what you handed me out of the window. I spent my lunch hour dealing with Wendy's rather than getting my lunch to which at this point I had to order delivery because of Wendy's failure.

and your people want $15 a hour. Not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a single one of them. How about fire the ones in the Delavan location and start over.

The people that are working there obviously cant candle their jobs and maybe its time Wendy's start looking for people that actually care about what they give to a customer. 2 meals a day from fast food times 7 days a week. You do the math and figure out how much I will NOT be giving you this year!

Evaluate your staff and figure out who want to be there and who doesn't and make the appropriate changes. That is not too much to ask for.

Reason of review: poor customer service and bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wendys Cons: Worst service, Poor food quality, Ignorant people, Worst service and food.

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But if they fired everyone where are you gonna stuff your fat face at? :o seriously though you can see how important fast food businesses and their employees are by complaints like these.

People are always gonna need someone to flip their burgers and serve them their food and feed them this ***. You'd probably starve to death if there wasnt a Mcdonalds or Wendy's near you.


Dear Anonymous,

You are a complete jag and is nice for you to make assumptions. First and foremost I am not fat.

5'11" and 140lbs. Since you are the ignorant type and are someone who has to hand out participation awards to people when they don't even deserve a honorable mention. People like you are the reasons we have the problems we do in society today. Let me guess you feel that people deserve the free ride and while you sit there and enjoy your free Obama care, don't get pissed at me because you cant spend your Food Stamps there.

How about you get a real job and contribute to society instead of adding to the problems. Your "Pitty Party" for the Delavan Wendys is unwarranted. Have you been there and do you try going back and giving them 100s of chances to do their job correctly and constantly have to deal with sub par customer service? Like I said you aren't able to experience the *** Wendys service because Your EBT card doesn't Swipe there.

When you are done being one of the free loaders in America and stop coming up with excuses for laziness let me know. Until then STOP adding to the problem of America and try to be part of the solution.

Make people accountable rather than enabling them.