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You think Wendys workers wearing gloves is a good thing? When I walked into Wendys today, a guy was cleaning a garbage area and drink fountain.

He had gloves on.

He then circled back to the kitchen to prepare our sandwiches. Didn't change his gloves or wash his hands. Once finished, he went to the cash and started keying in on an iPad and dealing with a delivery driver. Still had the gloves on that he made my sandwich with.

Saw him wipe his nose (with the glove still on).

By the time my order was up, I asked for a refund. I couldn't possibly eat after seeing what I couldn't un-see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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These Franchise owners Don't want to pay even Min Wage and that is why you see so many MINORITIES( Black and Mexicans) working at them, they will take any job and are Desperate and can't blame them, many work 12 hrs other work 2- 8 hrs at 2 places..but, they are not Trained , nor Super vised very well and thus why you have Health and Un sanitary Problems..We see either working at a Fast Food without a Senior - White Mgr on duty? We walk back out..