Jensen Beach, FL 34957, USA
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Value for money

Price went from 1.06 to 1.39 come on guys ,you wont c me againat that price

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I liked it when Wend's ran their special where you could get a frosty for only 50 cents. That was a pretty good deal.

I also like their Homestyle chicken Sandwiches when they are done right. But the last few times I went there they were gross, so they lost my business. But when they are done right they are delicious. My local Wendy's store looks very run down and very dated.

It's furnishings are obviously from the early eighties or the 70's, and not in a good way either. It looks very tacky.


eating at wendy's is as disgusting {{Redacted}} Their 'restauaunts" are always absolutely filthy with crap all over the floors and tables. many of it's clientele are ignorant looking slobs who talk with their mouths full. The atmosphere is similar to that of eating in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.