Enterprise, Alabama
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Jut picked up our order to go got home 1 mile away. Our fries where cold and they taste old on all if our orders.

No reason for this at 6:00pm at night. Had to throw all 3 orders out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Drive-through.

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That happened to me once at Wendy's. I ate them in house, but was so dissatisfied that I complained online and the gentleman called me up and said that they would replace my order for me free of charge.

I still cain't understand why they just couldn't do it right the first time. But he told me that I should have just brought them back when it happened and they would have thrown them away and replaced them right then and there. But if I had brought them back they probably would have just given me some more bad fries, because the problem was that the fries tasted like the potatoes were bad.

When I went back a few days later to get my fries replaced they were using some different potatoes then, so the fries came out good. I think that if they have some bad potatoes that they should just throw them away instead of trying to get rid of them by serving them to unsuspecting customers.