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Walked in for fries, but saw the appetizing picture of baconator fries. Received my order and from far away already looked disappointing.

Are those bacon bits? The picture looks like real bacon! Baconator implies lots of bacon. End result...

Worst fries I've ever had. A scarce sprinkle of crisp bits of bacon not real bacon cut into smaller pieces. And cheese from a can... really cheeswiz....ridiculous.

Real cheese does not appear still melted after it cools. Wendys portions where getting very small, I could deal with that because taste was still good, but time to say good bye to wendys

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Wendys Cons: Baconator fries and oversalted regular fries.

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You got exactly what you asked for. The Baconator fries come topped with shredded cheddar cheese and a liquid cheese sauce, yes very similar to nacho cheese dip it is not intended to solidify at any point. As for the bacon It looked like bacon bits because that exactly what we put on them, 3 half strips of crumbled crispy bacon.