New Braunfels, Texas

The order I put in through the drive thru is as follows: 1 dave single w/cheese, mayo and onions ONLY, 1 SMALL chili w/no cheese, 1 single combo meal with medium coke small chili with cheese instead of fries. what I was given: 2 combo single meals the 1st meal's burger had cheese mayo and pickles (ALLERGY ALERT!) WE DID NOT ORDER PICKLES ON THIS BURGER, chili with cheese (which we did not order THIS was to be plain) nor did we want a combo they gave us a med.

sweet tea. 2nd combo meal burger was fine, chili with cheese (that's fine too), SMALL COKE. the receipt showed a combo charge of $6.19 for each meal plus the drinks, plus a charge of $0.40 for grated cheese (which one chili was supposed to be plain.) On top of this, (as if that's not enough), the cashier Tyrique was given a $20 and he said "Please pull up and we will give you your change with your order." I asked for my change at that moment and Tyrique said that he did not have it; I asked why they were open if they didn't have change, and that's when another male came up and provided me my change. Shady!!!!

NEVER have I been told this by Wendy's nor any other food chain employee until today. But, I was willing to drive away with the wrong order never to return to this establishment, I was willing to make a call to the facility later to speak to a manager (We were told her name was Sara.) HOWEVER, Tyrique flipped me off with the middle finger after I said he was fired we wouldn't be back. This royally angered me, I even have a witness! ANOTHER CUSTOMER (they drove off when they saw what transpired.) I parked and went inside, spoke to another employee Ryan who tried to fix the order, he tried to keep Tyrique from arguing with me.

Then Tyrique proceeded to say that I was lying about my order and said things which I never said. Never once did the manager Sara make an appearance (if the manager was even there in the first place.) We were never given an apology! Ryan gave us our money back and we left with no food and stressed out from being treated that way by an employee. I work in customer service and I am appalled by this kind of treatment.

I will not be returning to this establishment and will be telling everyone I know about this experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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here's an idea for you .. cook a meal at home.

cry baby. you probably deserved what happened to you. you sound like a huge pain in the ***.

you should think yourself lucky you didn't eat that food. they probably spit in it because you're such a huge ***.


There is something SHADY about your story. IF you did get flipped off, I would be willing to bet you had opened your big mouth and said something rude to him or about the service.

As far as being told to go to the next window to get your change with your order, that can happen, and there is a good possibility that the employee that came to the window with the change had went to another til to get it for you. Hopefully you are old enough to know it takes two to create problems.

IF you aren't old enough to know that you should take mommy and daddy with you the next time you leave the house. Or else maybe you need to get back on your meds.