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I worked for wendys for close to 7 months with no issues , I worked my *** off everyday not to mention I picked up other peoples shifts alllll the time because everyone was wanting this day or that day off, well like most fast foods there is a very high turn over rate so there were new employees and new managers always coming in to replace the next guy or girl. now for starters im a guy and I found out that my hiring manager only hired me because he is *** and was apparently attracted to me I don't know if id be able to sue for this, but the real question, I had a closing manager who was a female in which I was not attracted to in anyways that liked to every night when I closed with her she liked to use profanity and slander towards me like calling me a *** or some other sort and she was jokin but I do not go to work to joke and play around im there to work and get paid, oh she also made sexual type comments as well as looking straight towards me at my crotch and making comments about my zipper being down and looking me head to toe with a perverted look which made me pretty uncomfterable well this lasted for at least three months and I just couldn't take her vulgar remarks and jokes, so I reported her to our new gm well right after I told the GM who was a woman by the way she looked straight at me and tells me this (If you want to go ahead with filing a complaint this can make things worse for you) so right there basically told me that I was going to lose my job well sure *** about a month later the manager that I reported reported me and lied and apparently said that I stole a drink and requested to be fired. all in which is total bull now what should I do. I want to sue. some help would be much appreciated my email is jerry.itpo@gmail.com thanks.

another thing I had mentioned to everyone through out the time there that I was going to be going to school and I don't think they liked the idea either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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you cant trust no one these days, okay i admit i made this up because i was angry about being fired. i told someone who i taught was my firend and he told somene else and now the managers i am acusing of being a *** is threatening to sue me, so is the female manager who i said was using profanity is threatening to sue me just because Iwanted to vent and made this up. so i need to delete this but dont konw nhow i wanted to sue them but my friend showed this letter and they ae using it aginst me.what a loser


Do you know the meaning of the word slander? According to my dictionary it means to tell a falsehood about somebody that damages their reputation.

When something is said directly to your face, that isn't slander. Also there isn't anything wrong with having a little fun at work, as long as customers aren't being ignored.


this was a honest question and jack assy answers can ne left towards other people, when an employee comes into work not once but many times and there manager not only sexually harass that person but also calls a person a bitc h or some other *** hole type word weather its joking or a one time thing is a type of work place offence what ever the *** you call it its like calling a black a nig or Mexican a wet back or such its not only unprofessional but is derogatory verbal type of harassment or similar, just shows the unprofessionalism of these rinky *** businesses who could care less about there under paid and over worked employees who come to work and bust there *** to try and provide for there family, only retard high school kids go into work and not take there job seriously or is to worried who at work is screwing who or live the fast food tailor trash behavior in a professional setting, this is perhaps most them retards never het past minimum wage or live in a *** type life and never being what they want to be in life, KIDS Grown *** kids, im not the one to call a *** and I *** sure do not go to work to put up with this type of behavior. I didn't ask for a opining of some one who probably sits on the pc all day and has nothing better to do than spend there time leaving *** comments towards people who could care less about that person who has nothing better to do or wouldn't be man enough to tell a person to there face but instead hid behind a computer screen and cream cheese.