Kingston, Ontario
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Route I 81 Exit 302 in Virginia

Exited to find Wendy's, entered and saw 12 people waiting at single checkout.It should have given me reason to wonder.

The place was filthy with wood paneling ala 1960, it was filthy and sun faded throughout .The tiling on floor and surrounds were cracked and broken with peices on floor. The cash line had green colored brass rails that hadn't been cleaned since they were installed.

The young employees seemed shocked to have customers.

The listings of food were on the back wall almost unvisible with penned in pricing. It made me think it was a franchisee that had opted out of the franchise but kept his place going.

We took a *** of burgers which were ice cold with stale buns.

Threw everything out and got back on highway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Sanitary Conditions.

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Ice Cold? Hmmm That's Hard To Believe ... :?


OK if you witnessed all this at this "Wendys",Why would you stay in line to place an order.This does not ring "True".No one in their right mind would dine in a location like you state.And believe me that location would be "Closed" Immediately.Wendys does not operate like what you stated.Find something else to do with your time outside of messing with other people.