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I think that someone should open up a huge drive in place with a whole bunch of run down mobile homes from the 70's that are converted into drive thru restaurants. There could be Wendy's, McDonalds, Burger king, Arby's, Hardees, Taco Bell, church's Fried Chicken, Dominos Pizza, Etc.

Etc Etc. They could set up a huge neon Las Vegas style sign that said "FAST FOOD COUSINS DRIVE THRU TRAILER PARK".

You could just drive into the huge place and go through the fast food drive thru of your choice. It would be drive in only, since most of their clientele is too lazy to get out of their vehicle to go inside the place and always uses the drive-thru.

Reason of review: that i stopped going to junk fast food places.

Wendys Pros: Dave thomas thought he was cool.

Wendys Cons: When they serves me gross double stacks that were dried out.

  • Dave Thomas Spinning In His Grave
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Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Trailer Park Trash!"