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At least at the Wendy's locations I have visited in Western Washington State, they always possess two cash registers up front. However, in my experience, it is incredibly rare that they open the second one no matter how busy they become.

Why? I've seen this trend in multiple counties from Port Angeles to Olympia to Silverdale...everywhere. If it is a matter of not having enough employees trained on the register, then why bother installing the thing? It is very frustrating when a customer waits in a very long and slow line while one cashier rings everyone up.

It deters customers from visiting this "fast" food restaurant when they cannot get in and out quickly. Does anyone know why they are so resistant to opening a second register when the line is long?

When I worked retail, we would call to the back and a manager or freight worker would help with the second register when we did not have enough cashiers to cover. They focused on cross-training for such instances.

Are Wendy's managers unable to fill in at the register when it gets busy?

Are they just too lazy to close two registers at the end of the night? What is the deal and why does it seem to be the case at EVERY Wendy's in the region?

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To have multiple cashiers at the front you have to have the crew to back them up. It doesn't even matter if they don't have the cashier--even if they did, if they didn't have the capacity to fill those orders, you'd be waiting anyway.

At the store I work at, the second register is only opened at absolute peak times (lunch rush only) or when the cashier is sent on break.

At all other times it is the computer that the employees use to clock in and clock out. There is no reason to have it open if you can't get the orders out.


I work at Wendy's, and we only have 2 registers open during peak hours on certain days.

Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's, and Sunday's are the only days we ever even CONSIDERING opening up the second register. Most of the time we get more people going through the PUW, so we don't need to have multiple registers open.

Basically it's Wendy's way of keeping employment balanced. We don't need 10 people in a store, most of the time we have just 6 or 7.


unless there is 10 people working the 2nd cash register is not open, the manager should be running (pouring drinks & putting all the food on the tray)

If there are only 7 people in the store the manager is bagging orders on the drive thru, running for the front cashier & cleaning the dining room.

if there is only 4 people in the store the manager is the front cashier / cleaning dining room / cooking &serving fries & bagging orders for the drive thru

there is no point to having 2 cashiers if there isn't 2 people making the sandwiches or no one cooking the meat & fries


Actually, every location in Los Angeles that I've been in only has ONE register, period!

There is always a line of at least 10 people, and when I ask the manager why this is, they just smile and shrug.


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Most Wendys do have two Two Cash Registers, The problem is that they go by a cart for labor and what postion to open based on that cart. example postion 1 front cash postion 2 pick up cash postion 3 grill postion 4 sandwichwich postion 5 packer for pick up window and so on. to have that second cash open seales would have to be high enoght for them to have ten people on the clock.


Because its not a register. Its where we clock in and out at and other ***.


Nah, I work at Wendy's, it's a register (but thanks for giving them the benefit of the doubt). In my experience, even during peak times they never put two people on register.

I've seen it happen all of two times, maybe?

Then if there's a rush and you're not going fast enough for the manager, they'll stare at you like you're crazy, instead of, say, helping.

I don't know. Maybe I just have lazy managers.


I don't see what the big deal is. I used to work at a Wendy's and unless there are enough people working they're never going to have more then one register open.

Even if its busy. Say they have 2 registers open but only one sandwich maker, the service is going to be just as slow if not slower because now the sandwich maker has to worry about filling order for 2 registers instead of just one.

I know how you feel about the whole thing. It sucks when you have to wait for seemingly no reason but they have their reasons for operating the way they do.


Go eat somewhere else then. What an ***! Quit your crying and grow up.