Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I loved Wendy's ... whats not to love cheep prices, baked potatoes, quick service.

I always order the crispy chicken sandwich, and the last 5 times i have gone my bread has been extremely soggy! Its disgusting!!!! Maybe if the lettuce & pickles they put on it weren't really wet, they wouldn't be getting this complaint from me : < I am not saying I'll never go there again, but i defiantly will NOT be getting a crispy chicken sandwich. Guess I'll be ordering a frosty, and sour cream & chive potatoes from now on out ...

Forget about anything that has a bun!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Scott, she just shared that she was getting soggy buns. She did not ask for advise on what she should be eating.


Why not just order a salad? From what I'm reading you might be waddling in and out of Wendys a little too often, puttin' some unwanted lard on them thighs. And don't forget, they serve diet drnks.


I am an assistant manager atwendy's, and the only way i see a bun being soggy is if the hold time has expired, or it was put in the bun warmer too long. Either way it go, thats bad business


Just ask for another bun out of the pack. I've done it.