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My sister inlaw and myself stoppedin at your location on Goverment Street in Mobile Al Thursday for lunch on our way to the doctor, we ordered two baconater meals, we were charged for and given three, at least we got what we were charged for but as I tried to explain to the lady there was only two of us what were we going to do with a third meal, but if that was not bad enough the two that we did try to eat was so greasy that they ended up in the trash so we left with our pockets and stomachs empty and very unhappy with Wendy's and I have been eating at wendy's for a very long time but not sure that I will ever go back.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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dude, they no longer cook to order outside of lunch and dinner, go check for yourself and stop repeating this nonsense!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #624645

What do you expect from a sandwich that has bacon on it? That being said I have never had a hamburger that was cooked on a grill that was greasy.

Also it isn't as if Wendy's cooks their food ahead of time and lets it sit under heat lamps.

They cook their food as it is ordered. Something is wrong here.

to anonymous #726053

That's funny. The fries, nuggets, burgers, chickens, and potatoees all have hold times.

The hold times mean that within a given time 2minutes-2hours the product is to be discarded. If we cooked everything to order people would be waiting for just about everything.

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