Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Arrived at Wendy's, Cottman and Oakley, Philadelphia, PA - 19111 at 10:05 a.m. The scheduled time posted for opening was 10 a.m.

It was closed. The real problem is that my husband saw someone peeking out a window. They disappeared as we walked to the door.

If the place was not ready for business, as it should have been, that person should have met us at the door and explained this situation - not hide. It was a double disappointment because we had just left an appointment, and we drove around for @20 minutes - wasting time waiting for 10 a.m.

Reason of review: disregard for hours posted.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wendys Cons: Disregard to operating hours.

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just another fat *** who lives to hear themselves talk.


Exactly every clock in my house is different and in my car I have it set 5 min early so I'm not late so it's possible like they said It is off time.


Did it ever occur to you that maybe their time didn't say 10:05? Not all clocks/watches say the exact same time. Even in my house the clocks in each room say a slightly different time.