I walk in to the Wendy's on Sahara and buffalo area dec 18 to enjoy a nice meal. As I waited 11 min for any kind of help to order my meal.

As I was waiting a none working employee was keeping everyone's attention in the back while I over heard her sobbing . Still waiting for my food. Now I'm pissed Customers are not number one or get the attention they deserve.. I just couldn't believe it.

No managers were around. They were to business pampering a girl in the back that should have never been there. After eating my meal in the lobby I was finally recognized and offered Assistance my a women cleaning tables. That made me feel better, she took time in wishing me happy holiday.

I will never go to that rude store again and I'll be to sure to let the social world know how my experience was and unsatisfied I am. Very disgusted with the service and that whole management team

Review about: Wendys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Your complaint about not getting helped in a timely manner is likely valid, but this sentence: "Now I'm pissed Customers are not number one or get the attention they deserve" really bothered me. Are fast food workers just robots with no feelings, no families, no personal issues, & no limit to what they can handle?

They're just supposed to bow down & be an absolute slave to the customers, no matter what is going on in their store or in their lives? An exaggeration, maybe, but that's what it sounds like you expect.

Customers too often forget that fast-food employees are REAL people, trying to make ends meet & dealing with life just like everyone else.

Fast food is almost no one's first choice of employment, but you take what you can get & don't complain about it. If there was a girl 'sobbing' in the back, something serious may have happened & it's unfortunate that you lack the compassion or patience [especially around the holiday's, as it looks like this was posted] to handle the issue like an adult.


Exactly how do you know what was going on in the back. If there was a girl(young woman) back there crying, maybe she had been injured.

Maybe she had just been notified of a death in the family. You don't know.

Furthermore, you state that you ate your meal in the lobby-------IF you hadn't received any assistance, how did that happen? Something doesn't ring true in your complaint.

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