Pulled up to an open Wendy's on Jonhson Ferry and close to Roswell Rd. .

Pulled up to the drive thru about 12:19. Said hello twice with about one minute pause" give or take a few seconds" between the pause, and left at 12:24.Did not get asked for my order, I know i'm only one person and i'm not gonna break Wendy's bank,but its just the principal of it. I will never go to another Wendy's again an eat, with my family and or my co-workers.

I know i'm just *** in the wind, but just wanted to vent. It's BS!!!!

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If it's a typical night and a typical Wendy's store they were probably closed. Just because you see lights on and people in there doesn't mean they're open. Typically workers will do closing procedures 30 minutes past closing and will not have headsets on.


Maybe the store was closed? You do know that if a place closes at 11, the workers usually have to stay and clean up afterwards, right?


"I will never go to another Wendy's again an eat" I bet you will.


Maybe the drive through was closed for the night. When I worked the morning shift in fast food, it wasn't at all unusual for people to pull up to the drive through before we were open in the morning.

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