Brockton, Massachusetts

Wendy's founder Dave Thomas promised his customers fresh HOT food, wendy's corperate made a grave mistake by following mcdonalds and burger king by cooking there burgers inadvance and placing the burger in a food warmer, when wendy's was cooking their burgers fresh they had the best burger out there, your customers wouldn't mind waiting a few extra minutes knowing they would receive a fresh HOT burger. Everytime i purchase a burger it's just warm not even hot enough to melt the cheese.

Isn't hot food supposed to be HOT, why should i have to ask for a hot burger or fries the food is cooked on a grill or fried in a fryalator i shouldn't have to hope to get HOT food i should expect it not just one time but every time, you don't hope i pay the total amount of my bill you expect it, so what's the problem corparate get back to what made your burgers better than the rest, because the next time i receive a warm burger you will lose a customer forever. "And i mean that".

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eating these burgers made my wife's butt the size of Montana. but i still like it cuz i'm a lowlife.


Actually, none of our meat is held in holding bins. Some stores still have regular flat grills, like the one i work at, and some now have pull down grills that cook the meat just the same just faster. But stil after the meat is done it isnt held in a "food warmer" it is kept on the grill until its considered "chili meat".


aaaww man i over looked who you were service support for wendy's, your exactly why wendy's is horrible, not only do you not care what you serve your customers troop your part of the problem. Now i know that there's someone like you working there i will never eat from any of your dumpy restaurants, thanks for the advice. " NOW GO WASH YOUR HANDS."


What an ignorant attitude, your exactly why they do what they do if you spend your hard earned money going to a restaurant no matter if it's legal seafood or wendy's if your going to get hot food items you deserve nothing less. when your at home cooking dinner do you wait for your food to get cold before you eat it. Duh


If you are so upset dont go back they WILL NOT miss you as a customer its calles FAST FOOD if you want hot food go to a restaurant your the one who keeps going back they are not asking you to come back